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TRN VX Pro Review

TRN ‘s second model in the VX line-up, the TRN VX Pro, was kindly sent to me for a review by HiFiGo.

TRN VX Pro is built with high precision CNC, made from aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy material. The shell design is probably inspired by the Rai series from Meze Audio and this makes the IEM very comfortable in the ears just like I said in my Rai Solo review. The metal shells are not heavy and feel good in the hand. The VX Pro definitely looks handsome and also comes with a shiny grey color option.

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The TRN VX Pro features a nine-driver hybrid setup on each side featuring one 10mm dual magnet CNT (Carbon nanotube) diaphragm dynamic driver unit for lows, four custom-tuned 30095 balanced armature units for the high frequencies, and four 50060 balanced armature units for the mids.

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TRN VX Pro comes with a 4-core silver-plated cable, an aluminum storage case, 3 pairs of high-frequency ear tips, 3 pairs of bass ear tips, 1 pair foam ear tips, and a 6.6mm to 3.5mm adapter.


  • 1DD + 8BA hybrid setup
  • Impedance: 22Ω.
  • Frequency response range: 7Hz-40kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 106dB.

Although the VX Pro is not too difficult to drive, you can clearly feel the improvements and differences by using good sources. I used my trustworthy Khadas Tone 2 Pro DAC/AMP, and Hidisz S3 Pro Portable DAC/AMP, connected to my phone, streaming from Apple Music.


Before I begin with the sound I must point out that VX Pro was very ear tip dependent for the best sound performance in my experience. And guess which ear tips worked for me best? The silicone tips that came with the Meze Rai Solo, I guess it comes with the design, in my Rai Solo review I also pointed out that stock ear tips worked the best. It’s a narrow with big bore double flange silicone ear tip, which gave me the best seal and therefore the best intact sound.

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I also did not use the stock cable, not because of the sound, because the stock cable tangles a lot. I really think that TRN should start including better cables in the box. I used the cable which came with Blon BL-Max. It’s a much better cable and Blon costs half of TRN (around 70$ and 35$).

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Left TRN cable, right Blon cable

TRN VX Pro is a bright-sounding IEM. Has a V-shape sound signature, elevated both in the bass and treble in the frequency chart.

The CNT (Carbon nanotube) dynamic driver does a good job for the bass tones in VX Pro. It has a good slam, not lacking in rumble and quantity. But like I said before, depending on the ear tips that have been used that signature can change in the worse way. It can become boomy and more bassy than it should be. Bass is strong, yes, but sadly not well controlled. There is a definitive mid-bass bleed to midrange tones. Depending on the track you are listening to, mostly fast and crowded tracks, this may become disturbing from time to time.

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Coming to mid notes, which means coming 4 of balanced armature driver territory, things get better. Here we have good control. Especially if you are listening to an acoustic or vocal-oriented track VX Pro starts to shine. Both male and female vocals sound very good, by that I mean there are no absurd tone differences like thin or thick sounding, they are close to life tones. This also applies to the instrument notes. String instruments, including bass guitar, have a nice timbre and tonality, really enjoyable. There is no sibilance on the higher electro guitar notes which made me very happy because it’s my weak spot. Any harshness in the guitar solos department (and vocals of course), that IEM goes right to the trash in my book.

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BTW, talking about sibilance, I have read a couple of reviews that say VX Pro has problems in that area, I don’t think like that. Trust me I have so many sibilance-prone tracks in my library, never had an issue. Ok, it sounds bright, bright-sounding IEM remember, but does not cross the line.

Let’s go higher, to the treble area where another balanced armature set of 4 welcomes us. Things are also good here. I admit I love treble. I listen to blues and acoustic tracks in my daily routine mostly. VX Pro has enough air at high altitudes, also has good separation between the instruments. Good treble also gives you clarity and space, which is always a big plus for me, especially in this price range.


I liked the TRN VX Pro. It has flaws that’s for sure. A better controlled and clearer bass would be amazing, yes but we are talking about an around 90$ IEM here. Nevertheless, if you listen to genres like blues, jazz, classic music, and acoustic music and don’t have a big budget, you can give the VX Pro a try.

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