Truthear HEXA

Truthear HEXA Unboxing & FR Graph

The Truthear brand that we know with its first ZERO x Crinacle model has announced its second IEM the HEXA. Truthear HEXA has 1 dynamic driver and 3 balanced armature drivers in a hybrid configuration.


  • Driver: 1DD+3BA
  • Diaphragm of the dynamic driver: PU + LCP
  • Impedance: 20.5Ω土15% @1kHz
  • Sensitivity: 120dB/Vrms @1kHz
  • THD: THD≤1% @1kHz (94dB)
  • Frequency response: 8-40kHz (IEC61094, Free Field)
  • Effective frequency response: 20-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)

Price: $79.99

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