Truthear x Crinacle ZERO

Truthear x Crinacle ZERO

Truthear Zero Unboxing & Graph

Truthear is a new brand and well-known recently days, and as a fresh brand, they announce their initial collab IEM with Crinacle, the ZERO.

Truthear x Crinacle ZERO 3
ZERO houses the double dynamic driver configuration, with a diameter of 10mm and another diameter of 7.8mm. It has an internal magnetic circuit structure co-worked with a flexible polyurethane suspension composite LCP liquid crystal dome diaphragm.
Truthear x Crinacle ZERO 2
In terms of the dual drivers, The 7.8mm dynamic driver responsible for mid-high frequency uses an ultra-fine CCAW voice coil, which pursues the lightweight of the vibration system, so that the sensitivity of high-frequency is effectively improved, and the response is smoother. On the contrary, the 10mm dynamic driver responsible for low frequency utilizes a special weighted voice coil, which reduces the natural resonant frequency for accurate frequency division.
Truthear x Crinacle ZERO 3
The cavity adopts a sandwich structure (front cavity, decorative panel, and glue-dropping capping). ZERO is capped by a glue-dropping process, and it is solidified and shaped by ultraviolet and processed by hand-polishing and varnish spraying, which ensure effectively reinforcing the firmness processed by glue-dropping capping. In addition.
Truthear x Crinacle ZERO 2


  • Configuration: 10mm+7.8mm Dynamic Driver
  • Diaphragm material: PU + LCP composite diaphragm
  • THD: THD@1KHz≤1%
  • Sensitivity: 117.5dB/Vrms (@1KHz)
  • Impedance: 10Ω±15% (@1kHz)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-39500Hz (IEC61094Free Field)
  • Cable: Oxygen-free silver-plated
  • Price:49$