Whizzer Kylin HE10 Review 8

Whizzer Kylin HE10 Review

Whizzer Kylin HE10 Review – Surprise of the year

The all-new Whizzer Kylin HE10, is a high-performance CNT Diaphragm dynamic driver IEM designed by J.IDEA+. It is the 6th generation product from the brand. The pair adopts a 5th-generation 10.2mm dynamic driver with a CNT (Carbon Nanotube) diaphragm, an imported CCAW voice coil, and a powerful magnetic architecture. The driver produces a magnetic flux of more than 1.6T enabling swift movement of the diaphragm coil. It is the first pair to follow KAI (Kylin Acoustic In-Ear Target Technology) Target Response.

Whizzer Kylin HE10 has stunning looks with comfortable lightweight ergonomics. The shells are crafted using a high-precision five-axis CNC machining process. They look absolutely stunning with a metallic grey and gold color combination. The gold color is created by PVD vacuum plating process. Whizzer HE10 looks absolutely amazing.

Whizzer Kylin HE10 Review

Whizzer has got years of expertise in designing premium quality in-ear monitors. They have used that experience in designing the KAI (Kylin Acoustics In-Ear Target) response curve. It is based on Harman Target and promises quality performance with unmatched clarity and smooth natural sound.

The cavity structure of Whizzer Kylin HE10 is corrected using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Simulation process. It has a redesigned front cavity structure for more consistent performance. Using high-density multi-damping balance system (M.D.B.S.) is also implemented on the HE10 to achieve desired sound performance.

Whizzer Kylin HE10 Review
FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

The rear cavity of the HE10 is equipped with an additional resonant cavity for precise control of the high-frequency band. It greatly controls the resonance sounds inside the cavity.

Whizzer HE10 comes with a high-purity 5N OFC Silver-Plated cable. It adopts standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and a single-ended 3.5mm termination plug. I can easily say that the cable is one of the best in this price range. It’s soft and handles very well. Also has a matching golden color chin slider and connectors.

Whizzer Kylin HE10 Review

What’s in the box

Whizzer HE10 comes with a designer package just like its shell design. It’s not only beautiful but has plenty of accessories as well including a metallic storage case, and a bunch of color-coordinated ear tips. Whizzer includes ET100, SS20, and VC20, three kinds of high-quality silicone ear tips with the pair. You can’t find any other IEM on the market with that kind of rich and quality accessories in the box for $70.


  • 6th Anniversary Products.
  • High-Performance 10.2mm 5th Generation Dynamic Driver Unit.
  • CNT Diaphragm Coil.
  • High-Quality CCAW Voice Coil.
  • All-Metallic Dual-Chamber Driver Design.
  • High-Power Magnetic Design.
  • Design by J.IDEA+.
  • Five-Axis CNC Machined Metallic housing.
  • KAI Target Response.
  • Crafted With FEA Simulation.
  • First Product With KAI Target Response.
  • Precise Circuit Control Tuning Board.
  • M.D.B.S. Density 1.2.
  • 5N Silver-Plated OFC Cable With Silver Shielding.
  • Three-Sets of EasyTips ET100AB Silicone Ear Tips.
  • Exquisite Packaging Design.
  • Metallic Storage Case.
  • Standard 2-pin 0.78mm Connectors.
  • Single-Ended 3.5mm Termination.


  • Impedance: 36Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 119dB.
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz-40kHz.
  • THD+N: <0.4%.
  • Price: $70

I would like to thank Whizzer for providing me with the review sample of the Kylin HE10.


Whizzer HE10 FR Graph

The Whizzer HE10 appeared to be surprisingly well-balanced. Whatever the genre, or the source, the IEM behaved surprisingly well, delivering consistent results throughout all of my listenings. Vocals were given a lot of love and attention, and I was impressed by how natural the mid-range came out. for anyone seeking a non-offensive IEM, suitable for full-day listening sessions.

The HE10 didn’t exhibit any obvious flaw, at least nothing that could push me back or stop my listening session.  On the other hand, if there’s something that struck me with the small Whizzer HE10, that’s the sound pressure. The IEM was able to deliver thunderous bass, reaching non-safe sound levels with ease while maintaining a very large dynamic range

Whizzer Kylin HE10 Review

I was impressed by how full the HE10 sounded, with no audible distortion. Of course, everything isn’t perfect, and the treble was a bit behind in terms of sharpness, especially with bad mixes, where some notes I was used to, were not heard this time. Thankfully, on well-produced tracks, the IEM displays nicely controlled bass response and impact. For a sole driver, the result is compelling. People with a limited budget will be hard-pressed to find an IEM as dynamic as this one, in this price range.

Whizzer Kylin HE10 Review

Add a potent source like the FiiO KA5 and the Whizzer HE10 opens up even more. Mids are sharper and lows gain even more weight, without infringing on the voices. The transition between lows, mids, and highs is usually seamless.

If bass remains one of the best features of the HE10, vocals are as good, if not better sometimes also have impressive dynamic range.

Whizzer Kylin HE10 Review


Solid bass and deep rumble. Bass is the real feat here. Deep, well-defined, impactful, and the more you push, the more you’re rewarded. It’s deeply addictive, with powerful kicks and good definition from top to bottom, even more, if you can use a good source. The sub-bass is slightly more prominent than the rest of the bass range, however, the bass feels abundant altogether. The textured, powerful bass contributes to the fun factor of the IEM.


Wide and quick. As usual with Whizzer, mids are superb and provide a good, balanced presentation. Voices, especially women singers, really benefit from the brand’s field expertise and even seasoned audiophile might be surprised by what the HE10 achieved here. Proof that Harmann-tuned IEM doesn’t have to be boring. The midrange has a very natural and realistic feeling, and vocals and most instruments sound accurate and “just right”. The HE10 isn’t particularly thick or warm, but they always sound correct, with good transparency and resolution.


The transition from upper midrange to lower treble is impressively coherent. There aren’t any signs of sibilance or sharpness in this region. With the foam tips, you can further tame the treble, however, I am perfectly satisfied with the performance of the silicon tips. You won’t have to worry about harshness, and the HE10 is very relaxed up top and non-fatiguing. The treble extension is quite good and is on par with the best performers in this price range. The Kylin HE10 extends way up to the upper treble and remains smooth and silky sounding.

Whizzer Kylin HE10 Review


With the Whizzer HE10, the brand tops up its Kylin line-up quite nicely. Superb in their handsome and ergonomic shell, those are the perfect upgrade for anyone who owns the old model HE01. You’ll get solid lows, exquisite vocals, and an impressive dynamic range, even with small affordable sources like USB dongles.

A proper alternative to your entry-level IEM, with true audiophile rendering and top-of-the-line built, at a low cost. And, for me, Whizzer succeeded, making these IEMs the perfect step up for anyone seeking a successor for their sub-$100 IEM. For me, the Whizzer HE10 is the surprise of the year, in a very good way of course.