xDuoo MT 603 2

xDuoo MT-603

We had MT-601 with one tube, MT-602 with 2 tubes and MT-604 with 4 tubes, which I also own and love it. And finally, the missing model MT-603 has been announced from xDuoo, returning to the beginning with a single, but this time with a 12AU7 Tube.

xDuoo MT 603

xDuoo MT-603 has four aux inputs (three RCA and one 3.5mm), and one RCA output. MT-603  features premium Toneluck push button switches. Toneluck is a well-known brand that manufactures switches and OEM parts for many world-famous brands in different categories. They are durable and have a rich feel to them.

xDuoo MT 603 3

xDuoo MT-603 seems a good alternative for those who want to add warm tube sound in their audio circle with multiple inputs.


High-Quality 12AU7 Tube.

Four Aux Inputs.

One Aux Output.

Toneluck Push Button Switches.

Professional-grade Capacitors for Quality Performance

Frequency Response: 10Hz-40kHz.

THD+N: </= 0.01%.

SNR: 100dB.

Gain: 0dB.

Power Supply: DC12V/2A.

Dimensions: 12×7.8x4cm.

Weight: 0.36Kg.

Price: 109$