YanYin Canon 2 Review 22

YanYin Canon 2 Review

YanYin Canon 2 Review – The Yin and Yang of Sound

YanYin Technology Co. Ltd. is an audio company headquartered in Fuzhou, China. It was founded by passionate audiophiles who aim to develop IEMs with competitive audio performance at affordable prices. YanYin got off to a very fast start in the industry and quickly gained many fans around the world.

The Canon 2 is a hybrid in-ear monitor. Inside each shell, there are 5 drivers and the configuration is 1DD+4BA. It features the latest bio-dynamic driver paired with a new dual-chamber acoustic waveguide.

The Canon 2, like other YanYin products, comes with very good material quality. Blue and green colors are preferred for the faceplate of the semi-transparent dark resin shell. The design looks very good.

YanYin Canon 2 Review


YanYin Canon 2’s shells are made of high-quality medical-grade resin. YanYin’s meticulous team makes each set by hand and each set comes with a unique design. I like the theme that YanYin has followed with Canon 2. The designers have found a nice harmony between blue and green color tones. The glittery texture used in the shell and the glossy lacquer on the outside make for a really elegant set of In-Ear monitors in my opinion.

Canon 2 comes with a metal nozzle and uses a metal mesh filter. The shell is quite compact, the form factor is quite good for a headphone with 5 drivers inside. The shell structure is very similar to custom in-ear monitors. The inner side is shaped to grip the cochlea area. There is also a dynamic driver ventilation port just above the switches on the back of the shell.

YanYin Canon 2 Review

Canon is written (Why not Canon 2?) in silver letters on the right faceplate of the IEM. On the left, YanYin’s logo is also placed in silver.

It is very comfortable to wear and it does not irritate my ears even after long listening sessions. As for the isolation, thanks to the solid acrylic shell, it provides great passive isolation for a universal IEM.

What’s in the box

The Canon 2 comes in a medium-sized box. The box looks elegant in design. When we open the box, we see 2 compartments. In the right compartment, you can find Canon 2’s warranty cards and documents containing the serial number. There are 8 pairs of tips in a small box under this card holder. In the left compartment, a very stylish carrying case welcomes us. The carrying case is tan-colored and made of faux leather. YanYin’s logo is embossed on the case and the material quality is quite nice.

Inside the carrying case, we see the Canon 2 and the SPC cable. At first glance, the headphones look quite compact and I like the craftsmanship of the acrylic shell. YanYin has analyzed the industry quite well. In my opinion, the only thing missing from the box is a few pairs of different tips. Other than that, the presentation, accessories, and material quality are pretty good.

YanYin Canon 2 Review
The stock cable and its metal connectors are high quality.

In addition to the accessories mentioned above, the Canon 2 comes with a silver-plated copper litz cable. The 4 braid construction looks pretty nice with YanYin’s custom connectors. The cable does not have a stiff jacket and the microphonics effect is quite minimal. Handles and feels very good in the hand.

Overall, the unboxing experience, the material quality of the accessories, and the IEMs are quite good. YanYin has not opted for cheap products to reduce costs, which is admirable.


  • Five-Driver Hybrid Configuration.
  • Four High-Performance BA Drivers With One Powerful Dynamic Driver.
  • Dynamic Driver Adopts Third-Gen Bio-Diaphragm.
  • Dual-Chamber Spatial Design.
  • High-quality single-crystal Copper Silver-Plated Cable.
  • Two Independently Controllable Tuning Switches.
  • Medical-Grade Resin Material Hand-Crafted Ear Shells.
  • Powerful, Lively Sound Signature.
  • Comfortable Design.
  • Available With Different Termination Options.


  • Driver Configuration: 1DD+4BA.
  • Impedance: 27-40Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 112dB.
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-25kHz.
  • Connectors: 2-pin 0.78mm.
  • Price: $379

I would like to thank YanYin Technology for providing me with the review sample of  Canon 2.


YanYin Canon 2 Review

The Canon 2 features two different bass switches, offering control over the entire region that covers sub to mid-bass. But as you can see in my graphs the difference is not that much. Of course, my measurement coupler is not the most sensitive one and I use wide-bore foam tips for my measurements (to tame down the artificial 8K peak) but you still get the idea.

YanYin Canon 2 Review
The new Bio-dynamic driver can be seen inside the semi-transparent resin shell.

The YanYin Canon 2 is a dynamic, engaging, and fun IEM that also demonstrates strong technical capability. It’s a crowd-pleaser with its elevated bass range, clean mids, and exciting treble, presenting a fairly balanced signature with a pronounced focus on the bass region.

Utilizing a 10mm bio-dynamic driver and a custom waveguide cabin, it produces some of the most impactful yet clean bass available in this price range. The Canon 2’s presentation is exciting from top to bottom, supported by solid tonality, a wide stage, and accurate imaging. It’s a compelling all-rounder that continually seduces you to listen more. Let’s dive deeper.


The lows of the YanYin Canon 2 are a highlight, characterized by deep, impactful bass reproduction that is not only heard but also felt. The Canon 2’s tuning offers substantial energy in the low range, creating a stimulating sensation for bass-dominant genres like hip-hop and EDM. The new 10mm bio-dynamic driver does a fantastic job here.

The lows on the Canon 2 are so addictive, the best I ever heard on any IEM.

The lows are well-controlled, detailed, textured, and surprisingly fast, avoiding any muddiness or boominess. In rock and metal, it expertly accentuates kick drums and percussive elements while maintaining balance across instruments and vocals. The Canon 2 has one of the most impressive bass presentations.

The quality of the bass here is exceptional. It’s tight, restrained in all the right places, and forward exactly when it needs to be

YanYin Canon 2 Review


The mids have a bit more energy, also, though the impact is much less compared to the bass. There’s a bit more energy heading into the upper mids than give strings, female vocals, footsteps, and gunshots more edge and bite. It’s a minor shift, but side-by-side, it’s noticeable and makes this a better fit for instrument-driven music and gaming. Vocals for music are slightly forward but aren’t colored by the bass. They’re crisp and natural.

The Canon 2’s midrange is clean and linear, offering a mostly neutral reproduction of instruments and vocals. The mid-bass/lower midrange gets a small boost from the bass region, therefore adding warmth and body to the midrange, enhancing musicality, and improving the instrument’s body.

The Canon 2 also features a slight elevation in the upper mids, giving string-based instruments, female vocals, and cymbal-like percussions more edge and bite, enhancing the overall resolution and sense of dynamism. Apart from the mid-bass part, the midrange is quite impressive.

YanYin Canon 2 Review


The Canon 2’s treble is vivid and energetic, delivering sparkle and crispness without inducing fatigue or sibilance. It beautifully reproduces high treble, with effortless extension to the top octave. The resolution and transparency in this region are impressive, ranking among the best in the thousand-dollar price bracket.

The high-end of Canon 2 is energetic. YanYin leaned into a tuning which creates a sound that’s resolving. The highs are elevated, stopping just short of sibilance. Cymbals and upper harmonics resolve beautifully usually reserved for the background, and pop forward surprisingly. It’s crisp, detailed, and etched in its presentation.

While some may find the treble emphasis a bit exaggerated, it adds an extra layer of resolution and vibrancy, benefiting a majority of popular genres. The excitement and vividness of the YanYin Canon 2 are attributed to both its bass and this particular range.

Overall, the Canon 2’s hybrid sound is a fun-focused, crowd-pleaser tuning that also excels in technicalities which we are going to talk about next.

YanYin Canon 2 Review


The Canon 2 maintains a strong technical capability. Demonstrating excellent agility and control. It handles crowded stages, and complex passages with multiple instruments very well due to its airy and spacious presentation, maintaining clear separation between instruments.

Its presentation feels dynamic, vivid, and full of energy, offering an immersive experience that appeals to a broad spectrum of music genres.

Despite being a detailed IEM, the Canon 2 is surprisingly forgiving. It does not over-emphasize the imperfections of your sources or tracks. It features a wide and well-defined soundstage, positioning instruments in a relaxed manner, with ample space between them, making it effortless for listeners to track or focus on each one individually.

The imaging and the positioning feel accurate. In short, the Canon 2 excels in technical capability.

YanYin Canon 2 Review


vs DUNU SA6 MK2 (6BA, $579)

Yanyin Canon 2 vs SA6 MK2

DUNU SA6 MK2 has great tonal balance, dynamics, detail, and clarity across the frequency table. But it has its flaws. If you look at the graph, especially at 6K and 10K dips, you will see what I’m talking about. The Canon 2 on the other hand has the strength on those points and gives you even better clarity and treble extension compared to the SA6 MK2.

YanYin Canon 2 Review 28

Although the sub-bass and mid-bass look on the same level, again the Canon 2’s bio-dynamic driver has the advantage over MK2’s balanced armature drivers. It has the perfect rumble and layers that DUNU can’t keep up. The upper mids of the Canon 2 are also more forward which gives more vocal presence.


In conclusion, the YanYin Canon 2 stands out as a remarkable choice for any audiophile, offering an immersive and dynamic presentation across various genres, thanks to its enhanced bass, rich midrange, and crisp treble. The Canon 2 is not only technically proficient but also immensely fun, offering a listening experience that keeps you hooked with each passing track.


  • Great SQ
  • Engaging & Immersive Signature
  • Great Build Quality & QC
  • Good Cable


  • Changeable plugs would have been nice in this price range
  • Restrictive Eartips

YanYin Canon 2 Review

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