7HZ Eternal 1DD IEM

7HZ Eternal 1DD

7Hz indicates theta wave frequency reminiscent of meditation and peaceful frequencies. The name reflects the brand’s motto of designing peaceful and musical tuned IEMs that complement different genres together.

7HZ Eternal 1DD IEM 2

After their very successful planer magnetic IEM Timeless, 7Hz launched the Eternal for the tribute to their 10th Anniversary, which innovatively adopts a large size 14.5mm LCD polymer diaphragm for the driver while is complemented with an N52 magnet and unique cavity structure. The craftsmanship of Eternal IEM looks very good with a sapphire optical glass faceplate and CNC aluminium cavity.

7HZ Eternal 1DD IEM 7

7Hz Eternal earphone features a specially designed 14.5mm liquid crystal polymer diaphragm and precise speaker structure design, to achieve ultra-broadband response and dynamic range. It is a high-end in-ear monitor.

7HZ Eternal 1DD IEM 3

Like the previous model, Eternal also features an aluminium CNC cavity, resonating with a sapphire optical glass faceplate. This kind of glass is similar to the material used for high-end watches. The sapphire coating is tempered to withstand longtime wearing and accidental fall off. It is durable and wear-resistant. The Eternal has a lightweight design of only 6g per piece.

7HZ Eternal 1DD IEM 8


  • 14.5mm LCD Dynamic Driver-Laboratory Level
  • CNC Aluminum Cavity & Sapphire Optical Glass Face Plate
  • OCC + single crystal silver cable
  • Lighter weight and improved comfort



  • Impedance: 30Ω
  • Sound pressure level: 109dB / 1kHz
  • Frequency response range: 10-20000Hz
  • THD: <less than 0.2% / 1kHz
  • Driver: 14.5mm moving coil
  • Product weight: Approximately 6g One ear earphone
  • Connector: MMCX

Price: 249$

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