Whizzer Kylin HE03D Review (13)

Whizzer HE03D Review

Whizzer always comes up with very stylish IEMs when it comes to design. Kylin HE01 was unique in that matter and consumers loved it both in sound and style. Kylin HE03AL was also one of my favourites with its one of the most comfortable aluminium design and sound. Let’s talk about the tech and design language of the Kylin HE03D first.

Semi-open IEM

Whizzer Kylin HE03D Review 10
Based on the powerful sound dynamics brought by the 5th.Gen 12mm Density DLC Dynamic Driver selected for HE03D, Whizzer adopted a semi-open rear chamber structure that allows for better pressure release, using a release rather than absorption method to deal with excess sound energy, resulting in excellent and natural sound. Approved.

M.D.B.S. Density System

Whizzer Kylin HE03D Review

By combining the Semi-open structure with the patented Helmholtz-like resonator-licensed structure, the HE03D further refines the acoustic tuning of the rear chamber. In conjunction with the modelled and proven front cavity air pressure damping channel, the HE03D can better control overtones and noise to achieve the driver’s performance release and meet our aesthetic standards. Approved.

Glass Faceplate

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The 3D glass panel of HE03D adopts a CNC precision machining process, making it superior in strength and gloss, and the golden texture under the panel can reflect different lustres through different angles of the light source. The precision pattern under the glass panel and the metal cavity that meets both ergonomic and demanding acoustic performance are amazingly integrated designs from J.IDEA+ Studio. Approved.


HE03D is equipped with three pairs of EasyTips series ear tips in custom colours, including ET100, SS20, and VC20, which are high-quality silicone ear tips made of high-quality liquid silicone with a minimum Mohs hardness of 20 HSD and excellent fit and acoustic performance. Approved.

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I used EASYTIPS ET100 (30HSD) Reference tips in my review, the strange design of tips of the tips gave me the perfect fit and the sound which I liked most. They performed better than the Spinfit.

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The 6N single crystal copper cable of HE03D matches the colour of the IEM and is soft, handles very well and looks beautiful in my opinion.

I prefer this kind of cable rather than braided cables.

The matte black coated metal shell and glass faceplate look very solid and premium I admit. But they are on the bulky side compared to the previous model the Kylin HE03AL (1DD+2BA). I understand that for the desired sonic performance with the new design and 12mm big dynamic driver Whizzer needed a bigger shell, I just wished they would come up with a slightly smaller size just for ergonomics.


  • Model: HEO3D
  • Driver: Whizzer 5Th.Gen 12mm Density DLC DD
  • Wire: 1.2m 6N OCC 3.5mm cables
  • Impedance: 350hm
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-40KHz
  • Sensitivity: 112dB at 1kHZ
  • Distortion: 1%@101dB (20upa)
  • Maximum rated power: 10mW

I would like to thank Whizzer for providing me with a review unit.


For starters, HE03D is the best IEM from Whizzer till now and more importantly, it is really a flagship model when it comes to sound performance. I know many brands name their most expensive models as “flagship model” but we are talking about the real top-notch sound here.

The lows on Kylin He03D is addictive. I never heard such a clean bass before, with the right amount of rumble and kick, never tries to overpower the higher frequencies, knows its own territory, but performs amazingly there. You can hear every tone from the sub-bass and mid-bass areas with great tonality and texture. I’m not exaggerating here trust me. Right at this point, I need to add, the soundstage performance of HE03D is outstanding, I feel like listening to an over-ear headphone (yes they are in my ears right now). The semi-open rear chamber structure of the shells is no gimmick when it comes to sound, this is approved. I know this big soundstage helps the overall sound performance of the IEM as it gives you the feeling of hearing every note in the music that you are listening to. This is an experience that you won’t have normally with every IEM and that gives a smile on your face believe me. This bass performance gives you a very accurate tonality and timbre of the instruments in this region. 

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Next, I want to talk about the highs this time, the treble performance of the HE03D. It’s a bright sounding IEM, meaning you get the detail retrieval and clarity that you desire. If you are listening to Blues and Rock tunes like me, acoustic tracks which include many instruments, Jazz lovers, hear me out. Imagine the chello is playing in the background, the piano in front of you, the drums, high hats and the brass instruments accompanying them on a big stage, sounds good? Yes, all these instruments sound amazing, with again, great tonality. Bright but without any harshness or sibilance, just the amount of air that you need for full enjoyment. 

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Low-mids and upper-mids do benefit from the great bass and treble performance of the HE03D. Both male and female vocals continue to have a great, bodied tonality, slightly recessed but do not limit the life-like performances of human voices and instruments in this range. String instruments, my beloved acoustic and electro guitar solos sound without any weakness, they have great timbre and natural sound. HE03D really makes good recorded tracks sound amazing and also shines with good source and power. Poor records and low quality (both sound and source) can’t extend them enough, keep that in mind.

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Aren’t there any cons? Well, the Kylin HE03D is not the fastest dynamic driver IEM out there and also not the most technical one in the name of imaging and separation, don’t get me wrong they are still above average on a very solid good level. But hey, that kind of package would probably cost you around 2 or 3 times the money that you will spend for HE03D. I still think this IEM gives you the sound performance and pleasure from more expensive sets out there. They became my most precious IEM in my collection, surpassing my number one IMR R2 Red in bass performance and adding better clarity in mids and highs. Besides that, don’t let the anime-girl IEMs tempt you.

Whizzer Kylin HE03D Review 22


Whizzer Kylin HE03D is a special IEM with its sound, style and accessories as a whole package. For a guy like me, who does not like to spend let’s say no more than 250$ on an earphone, these easily can be the end-game IEM. Normally I don’t recommend any item that I review easily but today I do. Get them, especially for the early price that Whizzer will offer on 10/02 which will be 149$, you can even squeeze (almost) the braided upgrade cable that I mentioned in my review in the regular price which is 199$.

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