7HZ i88 mini 4

7HZ i88 Mini

Unlike the 7HZ i88, the newly released mini model features an 8mm LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm. This imported material is expensive with high strength, high modules, and excellent performance. It will provide high-resolution sound details and brilliant transient response. This new diaphragm truly brings fresh energy to 7HZ earphone. Follow our lead to experience the next level of HiFi music.

7HZ i88 mini 7

For the shell, we go with aviation-grade Aluminum via CNC precise process and with second anodic oxidation process, it just presents a satisfying look. With this material and technique, the shell greatly reduces distortion and accurately restores the original sound. You’re ensured to enjoy HiFi music.

7HZ i88 mini 3

Like the i88, i88 mini not only focusing on sound quality we also have our own aesthetics of HiFi earphones. The multifaceted panel is astonishing and breathtaking. Under different lights, it shimmers like a diamond in the dark. The luxurious feeling is blowing right away. Colors are classic and simple for this model, the classic black and red combination, and silver are available for your needs.

7HZ i88 mini 10

7HZ i88 mini comes with a cable made of silver-plated OCC and OCC, high reductive sound quality. It’s also detachable to provide full upgradeability. You can easily change the cable to your favorite one.

7HZ i88 mini 9

i88 mini is equipped with a custom 8mm large dynamic driver loudspeaker. This structure is the heart of the earphone to ensure powerful performance. It increases the speaker’s sound output near and below the resonant frequency and improves the lower frequency and energy.

7HZ i88 mini 8

Model: i88 mini
Impedance: 32ohm
SPL: 108db/1Khz
Frequency Response: 10-20Khz
THD: <0.2%/1khz
Driver: 8mm dynamic driver, LCP Diaphragm
Price: $124.99 USD