TRI I3 Pro

Tri i3 Pro Review – Uniquely Good

Last year’s TRI I3 was very successful and loved among users for its good sound quality and affordable price for the given hybrid driver configuration of one 10mm planar magnetic driver, one 8mm composite dynamic driver, and one balanced armature driver. The TRI I3 Pro has the same specs but with different tuning and reworked IEM shells.

The shells are made of 7000 series aluminum, the same material as the iPhones and many other industrial gadgets. The size of the shells is reduced by %26 which is a great number in the mane of ergonomics and weight. The new I3 Pro is more comfortable for sure.

As for the tuning, TRI declares that the Pro variant is more natural and smoother. This sounds like the edges are sharpened which is good news.

The TRI I3 has a low impedance value of 15ohms and high sensitivity of 103dB/mW. Consequently, this makes it very easy to drive.

As for the price, TRI I3 Pro will be sold for 189$.