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Ambient Dynamics Lyndale

Ambient Dynamics is an American company based in Minnesota and even their first flagship product, the Lyndale, is named after their local city. The founders wanted an affordable entry point for avid music lovers to access a high-quality audio experience.  Ambient Dynamics went through several beta models tested across several genres and focus groups when finalizing the production of the AD-006 Lyndale IEMs.  

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Ambient Dynamics motto is “Music is for everyone”, they are a company that aims to make high-quality music affordable to all audiophiles or newcomers alike. They aim to make products that create value and punch well above their price point to help grow the industry and hobby that we all love.

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The Lyndale’s shell construction is made with medical-grade 3D printing for extreme manufacturing accuracy to ensure the quality of each product. (Note: medical grade is not a reference to health benefits in any way, only accuracy)

Each Lyndale is hand-tuned and quality checked to ensure high standard performance.

Ambient Dynamics Lyndale AD 006

The Lyndale’s feature a pronounced and defined bass, making it a great choice for music ranging from classical to contemporary rock.

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The Lyndale A006’s cable is a custom design for the product, using oxygen-free copper cable for better strength and performance.


  • Earphone type: In-Ear Monitors
  • Dynamic driver: 10mm PU+TI composite diaphragm dynamic driver
  • Balanced Armature driver: E-audio 29689-000
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz 
  • Sensitivity: 109dB@1kHz 
  • Nominal impedance: 12Ω@1kHz 
  • Cable: 8-core oxygen-free copper litz wire 
  • Earphone connector: 0.78mm 2-pin 
  • Plug: 3.5mm TRS straight plug

Price: 199$