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TiNHiFi T3 Plus – Marvelous Marble

TinHiFi launched the latest model in their “T” series of earphones, the TinHiFi T3 Plus. It features a 10mm dynamic driver on each side with the latest generation Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm coil. It has an in-built high-performance magnetic architecture that produces a powerful magnetic flux resulting in smooth movement of the voice and diaphragm coils.

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Marble textured face covers look premium

Tin HiFi T3 Plus shells are made up of high-quality skin-friendly resin material. They feature elegant marble textured face covers. The earpieces are not only lightweight but also have a robust solid build quality. Ergonomically they fit perfectly too.

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Metal nozzles grip ear tips very well

Tin HiFi T3 Plus comes with a rich set of accessories. It uses the same high-quality OFC cable that they paired with the T5. They have included a cotton storage bag.

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  • Impedance: 32Ω±15%.
  • Sensitivity: 105±3dB.
  • Frequency response range: 10Hz-20kHz.
  • Termination plug: 3.5mm gold-plated plug.
  • Rated power: 3mW.
  • Max power: 5mW.
  • Max distortion: 1%@1kHz.
  • Price: 69$

I would like to thank Hifigo for providing me with the review sample of TinHiFi T3 Plus (no affiliate link). Amazon

TiNHiFi T3 Plus Review
The colour of the cable and the connectors make a good combo with the IEM



The bass is very good. By good, I mean both quality and quantity. Hits strong has a good rumble. Sub-bass doesn’t overpower mid-bass and low-mids. You can select and hear them all depending on the track. Separation in lows is there and that’s a good thing speaking of the bass performance in this price range. If you listen to EDM, Rap or Pop mostly, you will love T3 Plus’s bass performance for sure. Very well textured both in sub-bass and mid-bass. Plus the tonality, rumble, just perfect, right in the spot. No bleeding on mid frequencies the transition is so smooth and warm. Bass guitars, cellos sound with great tonality.

TiNHiFi T3 Plus Review 7
Soft cable makes it handle very well.


Acoustik tracks, vocal-centric tracks, instrumental tracks, all sound very natural, warm overall. Male vocals are very fun to listen to, they are musical and natural. Sounds close enough that you don’t feel any recessed vocal in a bad way. No harshness in high-pitch vocals either and this is very important (for me at least) in any headphones and can be a real deal-breaker in some situations. T3 Plus is safe in here. Acoustick guitar, piano, brass instruments, other strings, and winds instruments sound close to natural, timbre, the quality of the notes, all sound successfully. Female vocals sound like they are singing in front of you too, takes into the track, even high octave ones, again no harshness of any kind.

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Like mids, the LCP driver again does a good job in the treble section. Cymbals, snare, hi-hat, high octave synthesizer sound, timbre and tonality are good for these instruments. We can say it’s a safe tuning but that does not mean T3 Plus doesn’t have air in high frequencies, the balance between safe and airy is well done. Treble area continues at the same level of lows and mids, very well controlled. No harshness or sibilance, but a good level of spark and tonality. Which means total joy. The highs sound rich, defined, and very well extended. This gives you a good level of clarity and detail retrieval.

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T3 Plus does a great job when it comes to separation both in layers and instruments. The soundstage is also better than I expected. Is wide and deep enough to enjoy your acoustic and instrumental tracks. But I must add here. For T3 Plus to scale up to its full performance you need power. You will enjoy it much better if you use a dongle DAC/AMP rather than a simple 3.5mm headphone output.

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The competition in this price range (50$-100$) is getting hotter each day with very successful IEMs joining in lately. The T3 Plus holds its ground very strongly with its well-implemented sound signature. Slightly elevated lows which are very well controlled and have good texture makes this IEM one of the best alternatives for the mainstream consumers who love bass. Well extended and rich sounding highs, natural tonality of the mids with good timbre performance makes T3 Plus also a good alternative for audiophiles who are looking for a budget price without compromising the sound quality.

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