Xiaomi Mi true wireless TWS

Apple AirPods market share drops to 35%. Xiaomi in 2nd Place with 10%.

AirPods has become one of Apple’s most successful products so far, leading the trend of true wireless headsets, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and many others, and the price is only 1/2, or even 1/10 of AirPods, which greatly promotes true wireless headsets. Popularity.

Subsequently, Apple’s share in the field of true wireless headsets has been gradually eroded.

A few days ago, the market research organization Counterpoint Research recently released the “Q2 2020 Global True Wireless Headphone Market Tracking Report”.

The report shows that Apple’s market share is currently only 35%. You must know that in Q4 2018, AirPods accounted for 60% of the market share of true wireless headsets.

Global TWS numbers

Xiaomi True Wireless Headphones ranked second, with a market share of 10%.

Since the release of the first true wireless earphones in November 2018, Xiaomi has so far launched five true wireless earphones, priced from 99 yuan to 399 yuan. The low price and seamless integration with Xiaomi mobile phones have received a lot of fans. favorite.

In addition to Apple and Xiaomi, the top five are Samsung (6%), Jabra (3%), and JBL (3%).

The share of other brands accounted for 43%, indicating that there are at least dozens of companies fighting in the field of true wireless headsets for a share of the pie.

Xiaomi TWS vs