Xiaomi MORRORART Bluetooth Speakers: Floating Display of Lyrics

Xiaomi Youpin launched a MORRORART floating lyrics transparent Bluetooth speaker, which can present “dynamic floating lyrics” that fit the mood of the music, allowing you to see the music. The original price is 3799 yuan, and the current price is 3499 yuan (518$).

The MORRORART speaker is equipped with a 21.5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1920×1080. It uses AR-coated glass. It is a high-transmittance glass used for museum exhibits and has excellent transparency as if it does not exist. The backlight technology from Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation enables the screen to show a comfortable brightness in the dark, and it can be used at night.

MORRORART uses 6 series aluminum alloy shell, combined with a sandblasting process and anodizing process, not only anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, but also presents a high-level surface texture. Its measurements are 525mmx140mmx322mm, net weight 10kg, CNC cutting technology to create exquisite edge details.

The MORRORART floating lyrics transparent Bluetooth speaker adopts a unique 100mm diagonal configuration speaker, and the 10L resonant air volume in the box is precisely calculated. According to the official, this design is like a long and slack “air spring”, which greatly improves the response of the speaker. speed.

The speaker is equipped with an upgradeable 32-bit control unit and is fine-tuned by subjective acoustic debugging experts. It supports 3 tuning modes (high-fidelity mode, sweet voice mode, and rhythm mode), and various music styles can be easily controlled.

Purchase link: Xiaomi Youpin (3499 yuan)