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BGVP DM8 Review – Good on Paper

TLDR: The BGVP DM8 is not a good recommendation from my perspective. The tuning is not to my preference &  I had several quality-related issues with the first set that I received.

The BGVP DM8 was purchased with my own money from Penon Audio, then replaced by BGVP directly due to defects. I do not get free products from any company.

When the DM8 launched, I had already witnessed the hype that the previous flagship, DM6 created several years ago. Unfortunately, I never got to hear that set. However, when the upgraded DM7 was introduced the following year, I was able to pick up a set and try them out. Those DM7 left a very positive impression on me. So, seeing these DM8 upon release, I was convinced that these could be a perfect all BA set for my collection. I mean, after all…. It’s better looking, it’s got more drivers & a higher MSRP! That’s gotta equate to happiness, right?

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How I Listen:

I have a Fiio M11 digital audio player that I use to stream my Tidal Premium service. I also use UAPP to get around the supposed audio driver limitations of android OS. I upgrade all of my earphones to use the 4.4mm output on the M11.

My usual listening environment is at home, secluded in the garage, at my “base of operations”. I like elevated sub-bass & treble. I also like when the mids take the back seat just a tad.  My preference for V-shaped signatures is very accepting though, I can enjoy a steep V or a nice slight V. Say a warm neutral-ish. On the other hand, what I don’t like in my earphone tuning, is a mid- focus.

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Build Quality:

The first set I received had a few manufacturing issues. Typically I am pretty forgiving of things of this nature, but when you get into the hundreds of dollars, I can’t overlook them. Thankfully, BGVP was very helpful and quickly replaced my set directly. I am also very happy to report that my second set had zero manufacturer defects and is quite impressive to behold.

Here I will list the defects I found with the first set:

1. Weak MMCX connectors. The right earpiece would fasten, but not securely. The left earpiece was worse, unfortunately, and would not fasten whatsoever. Simply pick up the left earpiece & it would fall off the cable. Thankfully, the replacement set was perfect in this regard. I would like to add that I found the DM7 MMCX connectors to be far superior overall to the DM8. (NOTE: look at the size comparison of the included bulky cable mmcx vs. basic mmcx).

BGVP DM8 Review 92. The included 3.5mm & 4.4mm adapters were not fully assembled. When I first attempted to handle these, I quickly discovered that they were loose and wiggly. I could see that the threaded cap that holds everything together had not been threaded together very far at all, and were in fact coming undone entirely. I also want to note that there are apparently 2 different types of these included connectors. From my experience, the style I have pictured here is the superior style, as they were perfectly in tack & without issue upon arrival. They also seem to be of much better quality for whatever reason.

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3.  There were what seemed to be blemishes or spots/defects in the resin of each earpiece. It was difficult to tell exactly what they were, but I’ve tried to capture them in some of the photos here. What’s important to note here is that the replacement set also had a few of these spots as well. So, I’m left wondering if this is just more of a common thing, like just part of the MFG process for resin IEMs??

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Sound Impressions:

This earphone has a tuning that seems to contradict the specs. When I see something has a total of 16 balanced armatures, I expect a certain sound or certain characteristics. The DM8 is very odd in this regard.

The Lows are centered on mid-bass over sub-bass, which isn’t uncommon for BA sets, but I found this set to sound very bloomy & thick in the low frequencies & rolled off.

I was not able to use these to enjoy much of my typical music selection, as these just did not do bass the way I like.

The mid-range is the best part of the signature. It has redeeming qualities to the instruments & vocals. Male vocals have lush richness, while female singers sound vivid and resonant. Earlier music like the ’70s & ’80s does much better on the DM8 than say, more current stuff. I think the old analog music just matches better with this mid-centric tuning.

The treble, I guess this would be the most surprising part of the signature for me. Just so dark sounding. Smoothness abounds and creates a very small sense to the sound. Confined comes to mind. I don’t worship graphs, but the roll-off in the treble, I’d imagine, has got to look severe on a graph. I really wonder why BGVP went with this type of tune, seems like a waste of the detail retrieval armatures can achieve. Especially 8 per ear.

A few good things worth mentioning would be the soundstage & imaging of this earphone are good. These have a nice deep stage and fairly wide as well. It is a good earphone for 3D ques or for gaming or movies.

BGVP DM8 Review



I had high hopes for the DM8. BGVP was a company I had faith in based on the DM7 experience I had not long ago. As it turns out, this beautiful-looking, fully-featured, very expensive earphone is fantastic, just as long as I don’t actually listen to them! All jokes aside, I really just think I’m not who these were tuned for. Who were these tuned for I wonder? BGVP may have missed my personal tuning target, but these DM8 really do shine in all other aspects. They’re little jewelry that is very luxurious in the hand and if you’re someone who enjoys mids, then you may in fact love these much more than I could. I was surprised by the issues I found with my initial set, but how BGVP handled it & how nice the replacement set was, made me still consider the whole experience a positive one.

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