BGVP Q2S Wireless + Wired TWS

BGVP’s second TWS, the first was Q2, didn’t take attention so much because there was nothing special about it including sound. The fallow up Q2s on the other hand has some specs that took my attention when I first read about it.


First, it comes with Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth 5.2 chip which promises better sound quality, more stable connection, and lowers power consumption.

Second Q2s has hybrid setuıp with 6mm Bio-diaphragm dynamic driver and one Knowles RAF-32873 balanced armature driver which shows that BGVP is serious about the sound quality this time.

And third and which is the more appealing spec for me is BGVP Q2s is both a wireless earphone and also a wired earphone with its MMCX connection onboard. There is no MMCX cable in the box though, keep that in mind. For those who first time will buy an earphone, they must buy an MMCX cable separately which makes the cost higher, if they want to test wired connection of course. BGVP Q2s will be sold for 76$.

BGVP Q2s is made from skin-friendly resin and has a very unique faceplate design, in which each pair has its own signature.