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CCA CRA+ Review

CCA is a sister company of the KZ (Knowledge Zenith). Manufacturing facilities, components, and engineering experience are shared between the 2 companies. That’s why you see similarly tuned, priced and boxed products under the brands CCA and KZ.

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CRA+ is equipped with an entirely new 10mm single dynamic driver, compared to the previous model non plus CRA, which combines multiple acoustic tuning technologies, using a patented ultra-thin polymer composite diaphragm. 0.15mm magnetic gap benefits the lower distortion rate, and a 0.035mm diameter loop to achieve a stable and efficient driver vibration frequency, says the company.

What’s in the box


  • Model: CRA+
  • Driver: 10mm Patented Ultra-thin Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
  • Pin type: 0.75mm
  • Cable length: 120±5cm
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm
  • Impedance: 23.5Ω
  • Frequency Range: 20-40000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 111dB±1dB
  • Price: 23.70$
I would like to thank Linsoul for providing me with the review sample of  CCA CRA+ (no affiliate links). Amazon.
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Out of the box, the CCA CRA+ sounds really clean and smooth. Is very pleasing, with a well-textured bass and good tonality. The overall tuning is done with the Harman curve in mind with slightly more elevated lows. CRA+ reminds me TinHifi’s T3 Plus in sound signature.

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The bass is deep, full, punchy and well-controlled which doesn’t bleed to the midrange. There’s a good amount of rumble, and the bass is not focused on delivering only the tip of the bass, or only the mid-bass, but rather a full and pleasing presentation. The overall bass note decay is natural. On EDM and Rap tracks, the bass is large and satisfying. The highest bass quantity and most focused energy are presented around the mid-bass. Drums, kicks and bass guitar sound with natural bass notes. CCA CRA Review 9

The midrange is really clean, natural and smoothly textured. Has nice clarity and a natural tone. Vocals and instruments feel just right, with good timbre and body. This is something new for KZ/CCA IEMS, which used to be bright, but they changed this approach by shifting to Harman-style tuning. CCA CRA+ has a beautiful fluidity for both male and female vocals. In all music styles, even rock and metal, the midrange keeps being smooth and pleasing to the ear with no harsh edges and no odd peaks/dips. Detail retrieval, clarity and overall resolution are good, especially for an IEM with this price point.

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The CRA+ does a pretty good job on highs for a budget IEM. It’s crisp, detailed and airy, all without sounding sharp or sibilant. Overall music coming out of CCA CRA+ sounds detailed, well separated, wide, and clean. The midrange will be slightly recessed with some light colouration in the upper bass that adds a bit of warmth and colour to the whole sound. With a fluid presentation to all textures and a natural to slow decay rate for all notes, CCA CRA+ can be said to sound refined and mature. Being fatigue-free, yet having some sparkle to its treble CRA+ is enjoyable for all music styles.

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CRA+ posing with Whizzer’s GSC5N Gold-Silver upgrade cable

CRA+ has a wide image both deep and wide and has above-average instrument separation considering the price. The soundstage is good too.


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This one is my favourite from KZ/CCA universe till now. Perfectly fits my rock & blues heavy library having very good tonality and timbre. As for the looks, CRA+ is also the one that I liked most with yellow and black lines. Doesn’t it look like a sports car?

CCA CRA Review