Looking at the photos we can say that the TANCHJIM ZERO will have a nano-coated SATTI filter that makes the pair dustproof and waterproof like its big brother OLA. The transparent shell design also comes from OLA.

Judging from the photos, we can say that the ZERO will be a re-designed OLA with a better fit and direct competitor for Moondrop CHU with its non-detachable cable design at a lower price.


  • Sensitivity: 118dB/Nrms @1Khz
  • Impedance: 32Ω土10% @1Khz
  • Frequency response range: 7-50kHz
  • THD: < 0.5% @1Khz 94dB SPL
  • Driver technology: DMT 4
  • The diaphragm material of Dynamic driver: Flexible ultrafine fibre suspension +beryllium plated dome
  • Cable material: oxygen-free copper silver-plated core
  • Cable structure: Litz anti-oxidation
  • Price: 14.99$ (No Mic), 15.99$ (With Mic), 16.99$ (Type-C)

Tanchjim Ola Review