CVJ Freedom Review

CVJ Freedom Review

CVJ Freedom Review – 1DD+4BA+Tuning Switches

CVJ Freedom is a five-driver hybrid IEM with adjustable tuning switches. The pair houses a combination of one customized dynamic driver with four high-performance customized balanced armature drivers. The DD unit uses a high-performance nanophase ceramics diaphragm. Using tuning switches, the performance of these BA drivers can be adjusted for four different tuning profiles.

CVJ has implemented an electronic frequency division technology on the Freedom. The four BA drivers can be adjusted for different driver configurations using electronic switches. It enables four different tuning profiles on the pair.

CVJ Freedom Review

Both switches down will enable 1DD+1BA setup, first up and second down give 1DD+2BA setup, first down and second up will give 1DD+3BA setup, and both switches up will give the full 1DD+4BA setup.

CVJ has featured a customized dynamic driver on the Freedom. This driver adopts a brand-new nano-phase ceramic diaphragm that creates the perfect sense of depth and rumble in the low-frequency region.

The Freedom has metal face plates with a matte finish available in Green and black color options. And is connected to a transparent resin shell. The shells have an ergonomic shape which provides a comfortable wearing experience.

CVJ Freedom Review
The stock cable is high quality, I wish it was on the softer side.

CVJ Freedom comes with a high-purity 400core 5N OFC oxygen-free copper cable with modular plugs. CVJ bundles the 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs in the package. The copper cable has PU housing for a sturdy build and feels on the stiffer side. The cable adopts 0.75mm two-pin connectors.


  • Five-Driver Hybrid Configuration.
  • Brand New Nanophase Ceramic Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.
  • Four High-Performance Customised Balanced Armature Drivers.
  • Four Tuning Modes with Two Tuning Switches.
  • Comfortable & Ergonomic Shape.
  • High-Purity OFC Stock Cable.
  • Modular Termination Plug.

What’s in the box


  • Impedance: 22Ω±15%.
  • Sensitivity: 113dB±3dB.
  • Frequency Response: 20hz-20kHz.
  • Connector Type: 0.75mm 2-pin Connectors.
  • Termination Plugs: 2.5mm+3.5mm+4.4mm.
  • Price: $71.99


CVJ Freedom FR Graph

As you can see from the graph there is not much of a difference between 1DD+1BA and 1DD+3BA modes. The same goes for the 1DD+2BA and 1DD+4BA modes. This may be because of the clone coupler that I’m using for the measurements because the official graph from CVJ shows more. I put the Freedom in 1BA+4BA mode for my review and used it in this configuration for my listening.

CVJ Freedom Review

If vocal clarity is your goal, then the CVJ Freedom is an IEM that is suitable for you. The treble comes off bright with sparkle and the overall frequency response is supported by a wide soundstage. However, power is key. With more raw power, the CVJ Freedom can shine with better sonic qualities all around.

CVJ Freedom Review


The bass quantity is just about the same as other mildly V-shaped IEMs. Lows show neutral depth and thickness in color. For the lovers of warm & full bass, this is a very satisfying performance. At the same time, lows are pretty quick and decay is very nice. Recovery is very good for this type of response, which is surprising at times. The definition, slam, and layering are still better than many monitors, to be honest.

The bass response of the CVJ Freedom is also impressively versatile. It can handle everything from electronic dance music to hip-hop to rock with ease. It’s particularly effective at reproducing acoustic bass, with notes that sound deep and resonant, without ever becoming muddy or indistinct. Its bass response is both powerful and nuanced, adding a layer of depth and richness to your music that is truly impressive.

CVJ Freedom Review
The ergonomics of the shell is very good, and fits perfectly in the ears.


The Freedom provides a fantastic mid-range, where you have the definition, transparency, air, and layering. The tonality is lively, the dynamism is there, and the amount of openness you get here is very impressive.

Mids have lots of detail, and the resolution here is excellent. What’s more, you have great positioning with lots of space and airiness. The mid-range is so well separated from the rest of the spectrum, so you have a vast area for your mids to perform. They deliver a rich and engaging sound that is both detailed and nuanced and are a real treat for anyone who appreciates a well-crafted midrange response. Male and female vocals come off as natural and smooth and are simply a joy to listen to. Instrumentals follow suit where violins and guitars have a high level of tactfulness and realism.

CVJ Freedom is able to retrieve a very good level of microdetail whilst tying the whole mid-range and treble region together effortlessly to produce a lush and coherent frequency response.

CVJ Freedom Review
Tuning switches.


Freedom’s treble is just as impressive as its mid-range presentation. Again there’s a lot of micro detail with a very transparent and resolving performance. There’s once again a bright and open presence with great transparency.  The treble on the CVJ Freedom comes off as sparkly with decent levels of quality and detail. The highs are crisp, clear, and well-extended. A sound that is full of clarity and detail, with cymbals and other high-frequency percussion instruments rendered with a beautiful shimmer and sparkle.

One of the standout features of the high-frequency response of the CVJ Freedom is its ability to handle complex and busy passages with ease. Even in the most frenetic and layered recordings, the highs remain clear and articulate, allowing you to hear every nuance and detail in the music.

The Freedom delivers a clear, detailed, and extended high-frequency response that is both engaging and enjoyable to listen to. Whether you’re listening to acoustic music or electronic dance music, the high-frequency response of these earphones is sure to impress.

CVJ Freedom FR Graph vs Kinera Nanna
I just wanted to put this graph here.

The good thing is if the treble sounds a bit too bright for you or fatiguing, you can put the Freedom in 1DD+3BA mode and ease the high frequencies.

CVJ Freedom Review
Modular plugs in this price range are always welcome.


The soundstage on the CVJ Freedom is quite impressive as it feels very extended, especially in terms of width. The forwardness of the center and upper mid-range plays into the wide soundstage and creates an immersive effect. Imaging is very good, and vocals and instruments are placed accurately around the soundstage. Layering is very good with a decent amount of separation and excellent cohesion between instruments and vocals.


This is my first review for the brand and I am quite surprised. CVJ Freedom delivers excellent resolution. It complements different genres of music well with its crisp sound. There are not many IEMs out there that can give this much resolution and technical performance for this price and I think it sounds better than what the price suggests.