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Shanling EH3

Shanling EH3 Desktop DAC & Headphone AMP

After many years of portable devices and desktop Android streamers, EH3 marks Shanling’s return to the market of simpler desktop DAC/AMPs. But Shanling still makes sure to add a bit of modern connectivity, with Wi-Fi DLNA/Airplay, Bluetooth support, and USB drive compatibility, for completely independent and fully lossless playback.

Utilizing flagship ESS ES9039SPRO 8-channel DAC with fully balanced amplifier based around four OPA1612. With in-house developed FPGA, KDS crystal oscillators, and XMOS XU316 USB Chip, matching its High-End performance.

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Offering up to 1900 mW @ 32 Ohm – 205mW @ 300 Ohm in single-ended and 5300 mW @ 32 Ohm – 700mW @ 300 Ohm in balanced mode the EH3 is Shanling’s second most powerful amplifier, right behind EM7, providing plenty of driving power even for the demanding headphones.

Based on the Ingenic X2000 platform, EH3 is using the same system and control setup as ET3 CD Transport. The main multifunctional wheel serves for volume control and menu navigation, with playback and input buttons on the top of the device. Users can navigate the simplified system on the circular screen at the front of the device, with the Eddict Player app serving as a remote controller from their smartphones and tablets. A simple remote controller is also included alongside the EH3.

Shanling EH3 Desktop DAC & Headphone AMP (5)

The system includes the ability of independent local playback from a USB Drive. Fully lossless playback directly on the DAC, without any need for a separate digital source or computer. Supporting all the major audio formats and Hi-Res files up to PCM 32/768 and DSD512.

Ready for Wireless playback, EH3 offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It can be used as a simple Bluetooth receiver, with the support of LDAC, aptX HD, aptX, and AAC. And for local networks, EH3 will play smoothly with Airplay 1 or with your favorite DLNA app and local server.

The rear panel offers a range of inputs and outputs, allowing EH3 to serve many roles in a variety of Hi-Fi rigs. For use as DAC, EH3 can be connected over USB, Optical, Coaxial, or I2S HDMI. It can be also used as a pure amplifier thanks to a pair of RCA Analog inputs. When you want to connect EH3 to a power amplifier or active monitors, the combination of RCA and XLR Analog outputs can be run in both line-our or pre-amp modes.

Shanling EH3 Desktop DAC & Headphone AMP (5)

EH3 packs 4 different headphone outputs, which should assure compatibility with the vast majority of headphones on the market. Single-ended output through 3.5mm and 6.35mm jack, Balanced output through 4.4mm jack and 4-pin XLR.

Price: $889