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DD HiFi Janus 2

ddHiFi Janus2 Review

DD HiFi Janus 2 is a completely redesigned pair compared to Janus. It only shares the same dual connector socket as the former model while the internals is entirely changed. DD HiFi has opted for a newly-developed high-speed 10mm dynamic driver unit that results in faster, energetic sound. Janus 2 has a new double-layer vibrating rear cavity for a controlled sound response. Internal wiring is customized by Effect Audio, a widely known premium cable brand. DD HiFi has launched Janus 2 in two different variants, Standard Edition and Simple Edition. The only difference between both these editions is that one includes a transparent silver-plated OFC MMCX cable while the other features a 0.78mm standard black two-pin cable. It starts at 149$ for the simple edition and 199$ for the standard edition.

DD HiFi Janus 2

Janus 2 has a one of its kind unique design with dual sockets that allow the use of both MMCX and 2-pin 0.78mm connector cables. The connectors are placed at the opposite ends of the earpieces coupled with a T-shaped design. It allows the pair to be worn comfortably in both over-the-ear and simple cable down manner.

DD HiFi Janus 2 2

DD HiFi Janus 2 is equipped with a newly-developed 10mm dynamic driver unit. It has high sensitivity paired with high-response speed resulting in powerful, engaging sound. It is complemented by a newly-developed dual-cavity design for a pure sound that complements different genres well.

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Janus 2 features a double-layer vibrating rear cavity design that allows for better control of the reverse sound waves inside the cavity. The pair adopts an aluminum alloy metallic inner cavity with a double-layer PC plastic outer shell.

DD HiFi Janus 2 2

DD HiFi Janus 2 has a premium 316L stainless steel front cavity that has been polished and electroplated for a smooth, rich finish. It not only provides a premium look to the pair but also allows for faster reflection in the cavity.

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Simple edition 149$

The internal wiring in the Janus 2 is developed by Effect Audio, a premium HiFi cable manufacturing brand. They have designed high-purity internal wiring with a combination of OCC and pure silver wires for positive pole and pure OCC for the ground wiring.

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Standard edition 199$

DD HiFi Janus 2 bundles the pair with a high-purity mixed hybrid cable. The positive pole of the signal wire is made with high-purity silver-plated OFC material, and the ground wire is made with pure OFC material. The cable has a single-ended 3.5mm termination plug. The pair comes bundled with newly designed fashionable accessories including a magnetic clip and an earphone carry case.


Dual connector sockets (supports both MMCX and 2-pin 0.78mm connectors).

Newly-developed 10mm dynamic driver.

Dual-cavity design.

High-quality Effect Audio customized internal wiring.

316L Stainless Steel front cavity.

High-purity silver-plated OFC + pure OFC cable with 3.5mm termination plug.

Impedance: 12 ohms.

Sensitivity: 105dB.

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz.

Weight: 8.3g(without cable).