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ddHiFi Janus2 Review

ddHiFi Janus 2 is a completely redesigned pair compared to their first Janus IEM. It only shares the same dual connector socket as the former model while the internals is entirely changed. ddHiFi has opted for a newly-developed high-speed 10mm dynamic driver unit that results in faster, energetic sound. Janus 2 has a new double-layer vibrating rear cavity for a controlled sound response. Internal wiring is customized by Effect Audio, a widely known premium cable brand. ddHiFi Janus 2 comes in two different variants, Simple Edition and Standard Edition. The differences between these are:

the storage case material, additional magnetic cable clip and different earphone cable.

In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways,[1] passages, frames, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces. The month of January is named for Janus.

dd hifi janus 2 review

Janus 2 has a one of its kind unique design with two sockets, like the two-faced Roman god, that allow the use of both MMCX and 2-pin 0.78mm connector cables. The connectors are placed at the opposite ends of the earpieces coupled with a T-shaped design. It allows the pair to be worn comfortably in both over-the-ear and simple cable down manner.

ddHiFi Janus 2 is equipped with a newly-developed 10mm dynamic driver unit. It has high sensitivity paired with high-response speed resulting in powerful, engaging sound. It is complemented by a newly-developed dual-cavity design.

Janus 2 features a double-layer vibrating rear cavity design that allows for better control of the reverse sound waves inside the cavity. The pair adopts an aluminium alloy metallic inner cavity with a double-layer PC plastic outer shell.

ddHiFi Janus 2 has a premium 316L stainless steel front cavity that has been polished and electroplated for a smooth, rich finish.

ddHiFi Janus2 Review

The internal wiring in the Janus 2 is developed by Effect Audio, a premium HiFi cable manufacturing brand. They have designed high-purity internal wiring with a combination of OCC and pure silver wires for positive pole and pure OCC for the ground wiring.

The cable that comes with the Janus 2 is also Effect Audio designed. This high-purity silver-plated OFC cable is the best stock cable in any IEM that I have ever seen without any question. It has the perfect thickness and softness for my taste. So easy to handle in any condition without and tangle.


  • Driver: 1x Dynamic, 10mm (new)
  • Socket: MMCX + 2-Pin (0.78mm)
  • Cable: octo-core silver-plated OFC + copper OCC
  • Shell: acrylic + 316L steel
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 12 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 105dB/mW
  • Cable length: 120 cm (Effect Audio designed/built)

In The Box

  • Janus 2 (E2020B)
  • Upgraded MMCX cable, 3.5mm
  • C80A earphone case

ddHiFi Janus2 Review

  • C10A magnetic cable clip
  • MMCX dust cover plugs x10
  • 3 sets silicone bass tips
  • 3 sets silicone treble tips

Gears used for testing: Khadas Tone2 DAC>xDuoo MT-604 AMP

I would like to thank ddHiFi for sending me a review unit.



The Janus 2 is able to produce a good performance in the lower frequency region, especially in the midbass area. The midbass region is more highlighted compared to the sub-bass region. The sub-bass shows a moderate depth and extension. The rumble and intensity are on a sufficient level and should satisfy with multiple genres, from electronic music up to faster genres like metal music, while only bass head could possibly ask for more rumble and depth. The midbass region of the Janus 2 is the focal point of the lower frequency area that adds the overall presentation warmth and fullness without showing any remarkable midbass hump or muddiness. The midbass region is energetic and has a pretty controlled and fast response thanks to the newly-developed high-speed dynamic driver. Drums sound textured and very natural, while bass guitars have a slightly warmish and full-bodied tonality.

ddHiFi Janus2 Review


The midrange is slightly recessed and shows a warmish tonality, while the level of clarity, airiness, and detail retrieval is above average for an IEM at this price range. The lower midrange shows a good amount of intensity and fullness without sounding muddy or dry, which makes the male presentation pretty emotional and musical at the same time. The voice reproduction of male vocals has good depth and fullness, while the resolution and clarity are also on a pretty good level. Female vocals are accented and quite detailed. When it comes to the instrument presentation of the Janus 2, it shows slightly warm and pretty musical tonality. Everything sounds quite natural, from guitars to the violins. Acoustic guitars are warmish, bassy, and still pretty clean in their presentation. The upper midrange of the Janus 2 is quite energetic and shows a pretty strong intensity that tends to a bright tonality. This region offers a good level of transparency and airiness. Janus 2 offers a good level of extension and detail retrieval from female vocals to instruments in this area.

ddHiFi Janus2 Review


The treble range has a fairly neutral and slightly bright tonality with good extension and level of airiness. The lower treble region is more highlighted and detailed compared to the upper treble region. The lower treble region of the Janus 2 is very well-tuned in terms of quantity, intensity, and sharpness. This area adds to the overall presentation a nice sense of clarity and definition. The speed and extension in the lower treble area are on a good level. The upper treble region of the Janus 2 shows a noticeable roll-off, while the level of airiness and sparkle is on a pretty good level. The treble range offers good clarity, detail retrieval, and extension.

DD Hifi Janus 2 3


The Janus 2 has a good soundstage expansion with a quite precise placement and separation of instrument & vocal placement. Pretty good in terms of wideness, while the depth is on a moderate level. Shows a good amount of neutral air between the instruments.


ddHiFi is rather a new company founded in mid-2017 focusing on making auxiliary, dedicated and customized audio products to audiophiles like headphone adapters, data cables, earphone cables and many other different accessories. They all have one thing in common, first-class craftsmanship. The original Janus IEM was their first attempt in the earphones category in early 2021. Although it was very good in build quality, accessories and included cable are all that you would expect from ddHiFi, its audio quality fell behind among others in the 200$ price range. With redesigned Janus 2 though ddHiFi covered those weaknesses (better bass performance, better resolution in mids, better micro-detail retrieval etc) in audio performance and came up with a very good IEM this time deserving its place being one of the good alternatives for the reduced price of 149$ of the Simple edition.

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