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DUNU x Z Review SA6 Ultra

DUNU x Z Review SA6 Ultra

Based on the Original DUNU SA6, DUNU has developed the all-new SA6 ULTRA in collaboration with Zeos from Z Reviews.

The SA6 Ultra is everything the original offers, infused with more treble extension and air. Both give the SA6 Ultra the detail level and soundstage to rival any endgame level IEMs on the market today, alongside having an even more balanced and better signature than the original SA6.

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DUNU SA6 Ultra comes with a brand new Hulk Pro Mini stock cable which is based on the Hulk Pro’s optimized wire diameter and weight. The weight of the cable is now 40% reduced and the wire diameter has been adjusted to 26AWG. The cable uses high-purity Furukawa single-crystal copper cores that have undergone multiple refining processes to effectively reduce loss during signal transmission. With its lightweight design and soft form factor, the in-hand feel and the fit of the SA6 with the Hulk Pro Mini promises good comfort.

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DUNU Has developed new cylindrical-shaped flat silicone ear tips for its latest IEMs. The SA6 Ultra comes stock with these flat ear tips. Made up of high-density soft-silicone material, the new Stage & Studio Ear Tips enhance your listening experience with exceptional midrange and vocal clarity. The vocals are clearer and show a rich tone to them. These offer a comfy wearing experience with a good level of isolation from surroundings.

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The Dekoni is slow rebound memory foam in-ear tips. Their Bulletz models use dense memory form which creates a strong seal in your ear to prevent sound leakage.

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Continuing the same shell design with solid stabilized wood of OG SA6, DUNU has especially picked up some beautiful faceplates in blue mainly for the left and red for the right sides. This will continue to match the color theme of Zeos’s first collaboration. Still, each shell of the SA6 Ultra looks completely different with a unique stabilized wood texture. The SA6 Ultra is limited to only 300 pairs with numbers from Z001 to Z300. There will be a few pairs of both blue and both red as well.

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Price: $599

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