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FiiO FD3 & FD3 Pro

FiiO has launched two new single-DD In-Ear monitors in their famous “FD” series, the brand-new FiiO FD3 and the FD3 Pro. The FD3 series of in-ear monitors packs a powerful performance with a full-size DLC diaphragm and features a semi-open acoustic design. They have an acoustic prism cavity to enhance the diffusion of sound waves, adjusts the phase, and precisely controls the way sound waves treble through the cavity. Both the pair features an interchangeable ear nozzle design. They come with two different sound nozzles bundled in the package.

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FD3 Pro comes bundled with an 8 strand 152-core high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable in a Litz braided structure with interchangeable termination plugs. The FD3 has a 4-strand 120-core high-purity Copper cable but no interchangeable plugs in this one. It has a fixed 3.5mm termination plug.

FiiO FD3 FD3 Pro 2

FD3 and FD3 Pro are equipped with a large 12mm dynamic driver unit that has a full-size DLC Diaphragm for a powerful sound performance. This driver has a strong magnetic flux of 1.5T that enables fast, smooth movement of the diaphragm coil and results in a cleaner output. DLC diaphragm material is known for its quality sound reproduction with high-resolution clarity. It is extremely lightweight and has amazing strength that makes it an optimum choice as a material for flagship-grade dynamic drivers. It ensures brilliant dynamics and clarity in the output.

FiiO FD3 FD3 Pro

FiiO FD3 and FD3 Pro boast a semi-open acoustic design at the rear cavity following FiiO’s patented air-pressure relief technology to maintain the air pressure inside the ear cavity and canal. It helps in making the output natural and provides a comfortable sound experience suitable for long listening sessions.

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Both the FD3 and FD3 Pro follow that with a similar replaceable ear nozzle design. They both come with two sets of nozzles in the package, a thinner diameter nozzle for powerful bass response and a wider diameter nozzle for bringing improvements in the treble section.

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The difference between both pairs is the included cable. FD3 comes bundled with a 4-strand 120-core high-purity single-crystal copper cable with a fixed 3.5mm termination plug. FiiO FD3 Pro comes with a heavier, 8-strand 152-core Litz structure silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable with interchangeable termination plugs. It included 3.5mm SE, 2.5mm Bal, and 4.4mm Bal plugs in the package.

FiiO FD3 FD3 Pro 3


Strong 12mm DLC diaphragm Dynamic driver with 1.5T powerful magnetic flux.

6-Series Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Cavities.

Acoustic Prism design.

FiiO’s Patented Air Pressure Relief Technology.

Interchangeable Ear Nozzle.

High-Purity Cable.

Interchangeable termination plugs in FD3 Pro cable.

Standard MMCX Connectors(MMCX assist tool included in the package).

Impedance: 32Ω.

Frequency Response: 10Hz-40kHz.

Sensitivity: 111dB@1mW.

Weight(Per unit): about 7 grams(excluding cable).

Price: FD3 109.99$, FD3 Pro 149.99$