Moondrop Quarks IEM

Moondrop’s latest entry-level IEM, the tiny Quarks comes with a tiny price tag.

Quarks adopt a 6mm diameter miniature external magnetic circuit architecture diaphragm dynamic driver, and an external magnetic circuit composed of high-performance neodymium magnets and magnetic conductive parts. The diaphragm is made of high-performance polymer materials with both toughness and compliance and is repeatedly adjusted for the special cavity structure.

The front cavity of Quarks is equipped with a second-generation patented anti-blocking sound damping, which improves durability and greatly reduces the possibility of blockage due to earwax.
For the first time, Moondrop adopted a double damping structure, using two materials with completely different acoustic resistance characteristics to filter the mid and high frequencies, eliminating treble ringing.

Moondrop Quarks, a pair of single micro dynamic driver IEMS, adopts a fully enclosed interior cavity structure design for the first time. It can greatly isolate external noise, we could listen to music at a lower volume and reduces the adverse effects of listening to music at high volume on hearing.

The appearance and structural design are just like its name, revealing its meticulousness, compact size and can be worn in various ways. The fully transparent cavity allows a clear view of the driver and acoustic structure.


Frequency Response : 4Hz-43kHz (IEC61094, Free Field)
Effective frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)
Sensitivity: 116dB/Nrms (@1khz)
Impedance: 16Ω+ 15% @1khz)
THD: <1%@1kHz
Configuration: High performance 6mm micro-dynamic driver

Price: 12.99$