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Fiio Jade Audio JH3 Review

Jade Audio, the subsidiary brand of Fiio has announced its latest model last December, the new hybrid IEM JH3. The JH3 features a bass dynamic driver that is the same size (13.6mm) as that of a flagship dynamic driver IEM. The newly designed magnetic structure allows the magnetic flux to increase by a significant 20%. Additional two custom-tuned balanced armature drivers form JH3’s hybrid driver configuration. Welcome to our Fiio Jade Audio JH3 Review.

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Build and Design

The design of the new JH3 is inspired by that the silhouette of SCHOTTIS shutters when against the sun. To achieve this look on the JH3, Jade Audio chose aluminium alloy as the construction material. This aluminium alloy is carefully shaped with a 5- axis CNC machine, carefully hand polished and goes through many other manufacturing processes used on high-end products to give it a pristine mirror-like finish, each “stripe” of light and shadow clearly showcased. Finally, PVD coating is also applied to the surface of the JH3 which not only increases the rigidity of the IEM but also allows that mirror-like finish and stripes to further shine. Personally, I would like a matte metal finish more, but hey, this is what sandpapers are for.

JH3 has a long enough nozzle length and ergonomic design, fits perfectly on the ears.

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The tech

The patented balanced pressure relief system has numerous benefits. For sound quality, balancing air pressure inside and outside of the JH3 reduces distortion and allows for cleaner bass due to letting the driver move as necessary. For comfort, the balanced pressure relief system eliminates pressure on your eardrum, allowing you to listen longer without discomfort.

Fiio Jade Audio JH3 Review

The JH3’s carefully designed internal structure features 2 custom-tuned BA drivers. These BA drivers are placed closer to the opening of the sound tube for less treble loss.

What’s in the box

The included monocrystalline copper cable contains 4 strands with a total of 120 wires. It’s soft and feels very good in the hand, close to zero microphonics. The hard case was a big surprise in the rather small box, which you get on the higher models normally. Bunch of ear tips with narrow and wide bore sizes and different materials, a very good pair of foam tips.


  • Driver: 13.6mm dynamic driver + 2 balanced armature drivers
  • Impedance: 28Ω@1kHz
  • Sensitivity: 106dB/Vrms.
  • Frequency response range: 10Hz-40kHz.
  • Max input power: 100mW
  • Cable: Monocrystalline copper
  • Connectors: two-pin 0.78mm.
  • Termination plug: 3.5mm.
  • Price: 59.99$

I would like to thank Fiio for providing me with the review sample of Fiio Jade Audio JH3 (no affiliate link).

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The first thing that you will notice is the bass quality of the JH3. The 13.6mm large dynamic driver is making wonders for under just 50$ (you can buy the JH3 for 47.39$ in JadeAudio Official Store). I have never heard of this kind of clean and well-extended lows in this price range before, easily surpassing higher price IEMs for sure. It’s fast, has good rumble and punch. But what I like most about lows is they kick in when the track calls it and dominates the overall tonality of the JH3 in a good way. A natural timbre with a warm touch, an accurate and clear tone weight and texture.  A little more elevated than the levels that I prefer but still, I’m very impressed.

Jumping to the mids we have a very good detail level in our hands, sorry, on our ears. The good implemented large dynamic driver keeps helping on the mids with its natural timbre, respectable clarity. But what I like most is that mids are not recessed like we are used to hearing in V-shape tunings. Forward mids makes JH3 more likely a W-shape IEM where you can hear vocals and instruments closer. This is a matter of taste, of course, some like that, some not so much. But if you like vocal-centric and instrument centric songs like me, this is a bliss in this price range.

What about the highs? This is where the two balanced armature drivers come on the stage, bringing an amazing soundstage with. First of all, there is no sign of harshness or sibilance, just maybe on the edge on some tracks with high volumes, but far away from being uncomfortable. Yes, you guessed right, the JH3 is on the bright side. What this brings is obvious. Detail retrieval way about its pay grade, excellent separation and layering. I repeat myself saying the same things about the treble performance of the JH3 just like the bass performance, never heard this kind of clean and well-extended highs in any IEM in this price range. The only negative thing I can say is that going high on the frequency range some instruments sound slightly thinner than they should.

“Overall, thanks to its design and tuning, not only do the JH3’s 2 BA drivers sound transparent, but they also work perfectly with the bass dynamic driver for a cohesive sound, without disjointed treble and mids.” – Approved!

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I will tell the facts here, you decide the conclusion.

One of the best if not the best bass performance under 50$.
One of the best if not the best treble and soundstage performances under 50$.
One of the best if not the best quality box content under 50$.

It all comes to the price after all right? And you get more for what you pay with the Jade Audio JH3.

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