Hidizs Mermaid MM2

Hidizs’ latest in-ear monitor the new MM2 will be released in late March. It will have one magneto-static and one dynamic driver for a hybrid configuration.


  • 6mm low-voltage magneto-static BM driver
  • 10.2mm PEK macromolecule polymer diaphragm dynamic driver
  • German eco-friendly resin body, Lozenge-cut aluminium alloy faceplate, aluminium alloy output nozzle.

  • 3 × Tuning nozzle filters for 3 Different Audio Experiences (treble, balanced, bass)  
  • Mix braided quad-core high purity silver & OFC wires

  • Standard 0.78mm 2 pin design
  • Comes with a stylish custom leather carrying case

Price: 79.99$