FiiO K3 DAC Headphone Amp 2021 2

FiiO K3 DAC + Headphone Amp 2021

FiiO K3 2021 is an upgraded version from the former K3 model with a flagship ESS DAC chip. It utilizes an ES9038Q2M DAC chip that helps the device to get a great performance upgrade over the previous model. The previous model had SNR ratings of up to 114dB, the K3 2021 has an SNR rating of up to 121dB. Enjoy your music with great clarity, low distortion, and a clean, noise-free background with the K3 2021.

FiiO K3 DAC Headphone Amp 2021 3

FiiO K3 2021 adopts the modern USB Type-C input for a reliable and stable connection. It also takes power with this port itself. FiiO has implemented over-voltage protection and a double-filter circuit to ensure a stable power supply. The K3 2021 supports both USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 modes selectable via a switch.

FiiO K3 DAC Headphone Amp 2021 2

K3 2021 has a two-level gain switch and bass boost switch to enhance the sound experience for its users. The high gain mode shall be used for high impedance cans that benefit from higher output power.

FiiO K3 DAC Headphone Amp 2021

FiiO K3 2021 is equipped with an ADC volume control wheel on the front. It allows for fine, easy, and precise volume adjustment. It enables the users to use headphones/IEMs with different sensitivities with the K3 2021 without any trouble.

FiiO K3 DAC Headphone Amp 2021


XMOS XU208 USB Chip.

ES9038Q2M DAC.

LPF: Ti OPA1612.

AMP: OPA926x2.

Max sampling rate: PCM 32-Bit/384kHz, DSD256 (USB), PCM 32-Bit/192khz, DSD64 (Coaxial), PCM 24-Bit/96kHz (Optical).

Output Power: Up to 200mW Bal (32ohm), Up to 114mW PO (32ohm).

SNR: 121dB PO and LO, 120dB Bal.

Noise Floor: </=4uV PO, </=6uV Bal, </=3uV LO.

Recommended Headphone Impedance: 16 ohm-150 ohm.

Price: 109.99$