Nicehck Topguy 6

Nicehck Topguy IEM

After the pure beryllium diaphragm model Lofty, Nicehck comes with a new flagship, the Topguy.

Nicehck Topguy 5

This time they choose titanium magnesium diaphragm instead of beryllium and say that they reached the golden balance of hardness and thinness with this newly developed dynamic driver. They also claim using this diaphragm, the design of the internal acoustic structure and even the selection of welding materials gives the Topguy a flagship sound.

Nicehck Topguy 9

The shell of the Nicehck Topguy is made from aviation-grade aluminum with 5-axis CNC production. And has a multi-curved design for better ergonomics and wearing experience.

Nicehck Topguy


The cable of the Topguy seems the same as the model Lofty in structure and color, but this time it is a Taiwan 6N OCC cable, which they claim is rare in the Chinese market.

Nicehck Topguy 2


Customers have 4 color options to choose from. Custom red, Custom blue, Custom green, and Standard Black which looks like carbon fiber.

Nicehck Topguy 88


Nicehck Topguy 7

Nicehck Topguy 3


Price: 249$


NiceHck Lofty Flagship Pure Beryllium DD IEM