Final ZE3000 TWS Review 6

Final ZE3000 TWS Review

The Final ZE3000 takes its name from the E3000, the brand’s most widely recognized wired earphones. The ZE3000 is designed to be a wireless earphone capable of delivering audiophile-level sound quality. But can it deliver this statement? Let’s find out.

Final ZE3000 TWS Review 4
The white ZE3000 looks like Stormtrooper’s earphones from the future

Starting with the tech inside the ZE3000, Final introduced a newly developed “f-LINK Damping System” that optimises the pressure in the acoustic space inside the earbuds housing to create a sound equivalent to wired earphones without needing external vents. This system makes it possible to achieve both waterproof performance and well-controlled sound production in the low-frequency range.

final ZE3000 tws 3
f-LINK Damping System

The ZE3000’s “f-LINK Damping System” creates a natural sound similar to that of wired earphones. At the same time, the newly developed “f-Core for Wireless” driver unit delivers ultra-low distortion, resulting in a sound quality that is unmistakably different from conventional truly wireless earbuds. We want to convey the intentions of artists and creators as they are by creating a clear and natural sound through ultra-low distortion.

final ZE3000 tws 2
f-Core for Wireless driver

Additionally in making the ZE3000, Final developed a new “f-Core for Wireless ” driver, which has been manufactured from scratch to achieve ultra-low distortion. The centre is made of a special resin that is both light and hard. The surround of the diaphragm is made of a special, extremely flexible silicone, which ensures smooth and undistorted diaphragm movement. With the combination of these 2 special materials, despite its 6mm diameter, the area of effect of its centre is equivalent to that of a 9mm diameter monolithic injection moulded diaphragm.

The ZE3000 housing can be held at three points for a stable fit. The 1st point is at the cavity of the concha (Pink), the 2nd point at the ear tip (Green), and the 3rd point at the tragus (Blue) as shown in the figure below.

final ZE3000 tws 4 e1645525624271

The ZE3000 supports touch operations, so you can operate music play/stop – volume up/volume down – next track/previous track and call/end call. The touchpoint is on the triangle-like surface on the faceplate of the earbuds (the rear side with no logo ).

What’s in the box


  • 6mm “f-Core for Wireless” Dynamic Driver
  • Bluetooth® 5.2
  • Supported Codecs: SBC, AAC, Qua!come aptX”, aptX” Adaptive
  • Continuous Music Playback: Maximum 7 hours / Maximum 35 hours with the case
  • Charging Time: Earbud: 1.5 hours / Case: 2 hours
  • Battery Capacity: Earbud: 35 mAh / Case: 300 mAh
  • Water Resistant: IPX4
  • Colours: Black/White
  • Price: 149$

I would like to thank Final for providing me with the review sample of the ZE3000 TWS (no affiliate link).

Final ZE3000 TWS Review 16
The premium “SHIBO” finish offers a stylish appearance and good grip


The ZE3000 has a slightly elevated than neutral bass. The bass impact is very good. The detail level is solid. They appear to have a more controlled ground in the transition to the sub-bass and they’re capable of delivering some low-end rumble. The ZE3000 is somewhere in between with a quite relaxed and atmospheric bass that provides just enough detail in the texture to be enjoyable for strings and low-tuned bass guitars. It has a reasonably natural feel which you don’t find on many TWS including more expensive ones. Even though the ZE3000 could have some quicker slams for genres like EDM or Hip-Hop.

Final ZE3000 TWS Review 13
ZE3000 White is supplied with the clear Final-E ear tips while ZE3000 Black is supplied with the black ear tips.

The mids are swayed by the lows which adds weight to the mids. They are also clean and open with good separation and resolution although I would wish for some more crunch and edge to balance the fullness. This tuning might be of preference for people who are scared of ’shouty’ mids or who like to listen to music at very low-pressure levels. The lower mids also have a little bit more going on than would be neutral.  It levels out a bit after that, but it is never less than full-bodied.  No part of the sound ever comes off as thin or unpleasant.  Bass through the mids is just a warm, wonderful experience.

Final ZE3000 TWS Review 5
Touch media controls are placed on the rear side of the faceplate to prevent accidentally touches

The highs aren’t technically recessed either, but they do lose some presence under the weight of the warm bass and midrange. While smooth and rolled off, the treble still has enough air to keep the balance throughout the sound spectrum on the ZE3000. While it won’t be the earphone of choice for treble heads, to those with an allergy to bright treble, this should be one to check out.  It is simply a very easy TWS to enjoy.

Final ZE3000 TWS Review 10
ZE3000 sits and secures perfectly in your ears although they look like they would not

The sound stage on the ZE3000 is nothing short of astonishing. The width is very good. I am not quite sure it becomes an “outside of my head” experience, but it is certainly pounding on the sides of my head. The depth is even better. There is truly a 3D experience going on here. I started using the ZE3000 also for watching movies because of this, it’s a total joy especially if the movie has good soundtracks. Final really did a great job in technicalities. Instrument separation is also very good. I feel like all instruments have a respectable distance and allow full monitoring across the frequency range. The homogeneity continues and once the brain adjusts to the warm tuning, there isn’t a single instrument that sticks out.

Final ZE3000 TWS Review 17
Auto-pairing is activated when the case is opened


The answer is yes, the ZE3000 can deliver audiophile-level sound quality in its TWS form. Honestly, I like it more than its wired brother E4000, especially in the mids. 7 hours of playback time is also true which is a big bonus besides good sound but I wish Final equipped the ZE3000 with wireless charging too. The lack of ANC capabilities really doesn’t matter to me, in fact, I found it very dangerous being completely isolated from external sounds when you are on the go. ZE3000 gets the job done with its design sitting perfectly in your ears and that’s more than enough IMO. And for those who are wondering, the volume level of ZE3000 is quite enough, it satisfied a high-volume lover like me so no worries there.

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