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HeartField Deer

HeartField Acoustic Deer Gem Review

HeartField, namely the artwork from sincere heart, is currently an unfamiliar name but will be something in the HiFi industry with its exclusive aesthetics and origins. The first IEM from Heartfield is called Deer which symbolizes the eternity of love in the ancient Chinese wedding ceremony, while it also means happiness and success. In a word, Deer is one of the beloved symbols for wonderful things in China.

Heartfield Deer iem


Heartfield Deer adopts 198 pieces of gem-like crystals for the faceplate. Heartfield experienced artisan inlay the crystals one by one and two custom made screws are screwed in the faceplate, not only for compaction but also for ornament. It is an earphone made with ultra-high standards, the same as making jewellery.

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6.8mm Composite Diaphragm

Despite its dazzling appearance, Deer will be coming with a 6.8mm custom composite dynamic driver for clear and stable sound performance.

Brass-coated Platinum Cavity

The appealing faceplate has made something but the cavity will not fall behind. For cavity, HeartField selects brass-coated platinum material which is usually used for high-class jewellery. The cavity is made based on ergonomics as well.

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Deer features a detachable cable with a universal 3.5mm plug, 0.78mm 2Pin connector. It is silver-plated copper material.

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  • Diaphragm: 6.8mm composite diaphragm
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Impedance: 16ohm
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20000Hz
  • Connector type: 2Pin
  • Price: 169$