Tanchjim Ola Review

Tanchjim Ola Review

The Ola is the second budget IEM from Tanchjim after Tanya. It features aerospace-grade aluminium alloy covers connected to transparent resin shells. The Ola is equipped with a nano-coated SATTI nozzle filter that makes the pair dustproof and waterproof.

Tanchjim Ola Review 15
Approved: Waterproof

Tanchjim has equipped the Ola with the latest-gen DMT4 architecture dynamic driver unit on each side. Tanchjim Ola adopts FEM analysis and FEA finite element analysis software to simulate and analyze the driver with a large number of improvements such as optimizing the magnetic circuit, lowering the suspension quality, and adjusting the diaphragm rigidity.

Tanchjim Ola 6 e1647355336236
Tanchijm Ola follows the HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function) frequency curve.

Ola vs Tanya
Credits: crinacle.com

Tanchijm Ola vs Tanchijm Tanya (Harman IE Curve) graph.


Tanchjim has included a high-quality double-core OFC wire with Kevlar fibre covered with 4N OFC Silver-plated cable in a Litz coaxial structure. It has standard 3.5mm termination plug and 2-pin 0.78mm connectors. Users can also buy Tanchjim Ola with a Mic cable.



  • DMT4 Architecture Dynamic Driver.
  • Lightweight & Comfortable wearing experience.
  • Aerospace-grade Aluminum face covers.
  • Transparent Resin cavity structure.
  • Dustproof and Waterproof (with Nozzle filter).
  • Professional tuning for a balanced sound.
  • Clear detail and imaging.
  • High-quality 4N silver-plated OFC cable.


  • Driver size: 10mm.
  • Diaphragm material: Polymer Graphene.
  • Impedance: 16Ω±10%.
  • Sensitivity: 126dB/Vrms.
  • Frequency response range: 7Hz-45kHz.
  • THD+N: <0.3%.
  • Connectors: two-pin 0.78mm.
  • Termination plug: 3.5mm.

Price: 39.99$

I would like to thank Hifigo for providing me with the review sample of Tanchjim OLA (no affiliate link).

Amazon (no affiliate link).

Tanchjim Ola Review 12

The cable is very good (to my taste). It’s soft, has no microphonics and has beautiful colour matching metal connectors on both sides.

Fit issues

Tanchjim Ola Review 31

Houston we have a problem. You just can get a proper fit if you have average or big ears (canals). Because the nozzle length is short and can’t reach your ear canal deep enough. I tried all my silicone tips including SpinFit’s, double flange Meze’s etc which never failed me before but no luck with the OLA. Standart foam tips also didn’t work, they get the seal but distort the sound signature badly.

I solved the problem with IKKO foam tips. The foam material is amazing, they are shorter in length which helps to keep the sound as it is, they are kinda sticky on the outside too, they fit and secure perfectly. Finally.

Tanchjim Ola Review 6

Another potential problem that you might have is the sharp corners of the shell. You see my ears are not equal in size, no problem with the left ear but I have a problem in the right ear with sharp edges because it touches my outer ear and starts to hurt after a while. Foam tips seem also solve this problem for me.


After you get a good fit with the Ola the sound quality is on par with bigger brothers like TinHifi T3 Plus or Dunu Titan S. Slightly less bass than the T3 Plus and slightly less bright than the Titan S. Better forward mids, very good tonality and staging-layering quality.
Lows are on the neutral side but with good texture and rumble. Separation in lows is there and that’s a welcome in this price range. Plus the tonality and quantity are very good, better than I expected. The note definition is also good to figure bass lines out especially if they go down deep. Kicks also have good slam but are not the fastest.
Tanchjim Ola Review 11
The mids have a good amount of resolution and clarity. They sound natural, timbre presentation is good and the tonality of instruments is on point. Vocals sound natural, upfront and well defined in the songs. No harshness in high-pitch vocals either and this is very important in any headphones and can be a real deal-breaker in some situations. Acoustic guitar, piano, brass instruments all sound lively.
Tanchjim Ola Review 29
The treble performance of Tanchjim Ola has good clarity, is sparkling and airy enough, with a very good sense of space. The details are clearly exposed and easy to hear. Vocals and cymbals never get sibilant or harsh, if you have a good fit of course, otherwise this can change dramatically. The balance between safe and airy is well done. Treble area continues at the same level of lows and mids, very well controlled. Sound rich, defined and well extended. This gives you a good level of clarity and detail retrieval.
Tanchjim Ola Review 27
Tanchjim Ola does a great job when it comes to separation both in layers and instruments. The soundstage is also much better than I expected. Is wide and deep enough to enjoy your acoustic and instrumental tracks.
Tanchjim Ola scales and extends very well with power and a good source, even it’s easy to drive, you surely will have more fun if you use a USB DAC-AMP at least. For testing, I used TRI TK2 DAC-AMP.


Tanchjim Ola definitely is a very unique and technical IEM with very enjoyable tonality and overall sound performance. For under 50$ I don’t know any other contender, yet. BUT the fit issues-lack of isolation can be a BIG problem for some. It can be a hit or miss depending on your ear structure, I must add.


TRI TK2 – Like a DAP Without Screen

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Johannes Arreaga
1 year ago

hey, i just saw your review of the tanchjim zero and was wondering if it has the same fit issues as the tanchjim ola? I want to buy it for my sister but I’m not sure

Johannes Arreaga
1 year ago

Excuse me, what size are the measurements of the ikko foams? I also have the adjustment problem, the pads that they come with do not go too deep, every time I try to adjust them they come out a bit, I have to press a little with my fingers to hear the true sound, it’s a shame

Johannes Arreaga
Reply to  Ustabas Osman
1 year ago
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