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Hidizs XO MQA Dongle DAC Review

Dual ESS SABRE ES9219C DAC chips, and high-precision independent crystal oscillators, here is Hidizs’ new portable USB DAC-AMP the XO.

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The front of the XO MQA Dongle has a unique X-shaped button for independent control of the RGB LED lights. (15+ colours). The light of the O-shaped button of the XO MQA Dongle shows the sampling rate.

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There is also a dedicated O-shaped button on the XO MQA Dongle for the EQ switch. No need to update the firmware or use your phone, just one button to get 3 different sound styles.

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The XO MQA Dongle uses a high-density aluminium alloy shell, which is integrally formed with a typical 5-axis CNC high process.

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The XO MQA Dongle is only the size of a USB stick and weighs only 11 grams. It contains two outputs, the output power is single-ended 78mW+78mW@320 / balanced 195mW+195mW@320.

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-MQA 16X
-ESS SABRE ES9219C * 2
-Stylish RGB LED Light – Hidizs Patented Innovation
-Physical Button for EQ Switch
-Single-ended 3.5mm + Balanced 2.5mm
-Sampling Rate Indicator Light
-HiBy Music APP
-Hi-Res Audio & MQA certified

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The price is not announced yet.