Shanling M6 Ultra Quad AKM

Shanling M6 Ultra Quad AKM

Shanling M6 Ultra is a long-awaited revival of the M6 line of premium Android Digital Audio Players by Shanling. M6 Ultra marks the return of AKM DAC chips to the M6 series with four AK4493SEQ DAC chips. It brings the latest Android 10 OS to the series. Shanling has equipped the M6 Ultra with a self-designed OPAMP-based analogue amplification circuit that provides powerful clean output.

Shanling M6 Ultra Quad AKM 3

Shanling M6 Ultra packs a quad DAC architecture. The player is equipped with four AK4493SEQ DAC chips, which are the first to come out since the AKM factory reopened after the accident. AK4493SEQ is a premium 32-Bit DAC chip for high-resolution audio signal decoding.

Shanling M6 Ultra Quad AKM 4


Shanling M6 Ultra brings modern Android 10 OS to the M6 lineup. With many media applications on the M6 Ultra with Open Android OS. Users will be able to easily install different applications through the Google Play Store.

Shanling M6 Ultra Quad AKM 2

Shanling M6 Ultra comes with Snapdragon 665 SoC chip. Snapdragon 665 from Qualcomm is an 11nm highly-efficient 8-core SoC that gives good performance with no lag or stutters and at the same time provides good battery life.

Shanling M6 Ultra Quad AKM

Shanling M6 Ultra supports full MQA 16x unfolding. Along with MQA, the M6 Ultra also supports high-resolution PCM 32-Bit/768kHz and native DSD512 signals

Shanling M6 Ultra Quad AKM 3


Shanling has treated the M6 Ultra with an OP and BUF amplifier chip-based fully balanced analogue circuit. It produces a powerful output providing up to 720mW of clean power through the balanced port.


  • Quad DAC architecture.
  • Equipped with latest-gen AKM DAC chips.
  • Snapdragon 665 CPU.
  • Android Global Lossless Output system.
  • MQA 16x Unfolding.
  • Open Android 10 OS.
  • Dual headphone output (3.5mm Single-Ended + 4.4mm Balanced).
  • Powerful headphone output.
  • 4GB RAM.
  • 64GB internal storage.
  • MicroSD card slot.
  • 5” Full HD display.
  • Quick charge 3.0 support.

Technical Specs

  • DAC: AKM AK4493SEQ.
  • Analog circuit: OPA1612+OPA2211+LTA8092+BUF634A.
  • Output Power: 240mW@32Ω(3.5mm), 720mW@32Ω(4.4mm).
  • Output Impedance: Less than 1Ω.
  • Battery capacity: 5650mAh.
  • Battery life: Up to 13.5hours in single-ended mode and 9 hours in balanced mode.

Price: 919$



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