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iBasso DC04 Pro

iBasso DC04 Pro Review

iBasso DC04 Pro, an upgrade on the highly-acclaimed DC04 Portable USB DAC/AMP. With a premium dual DAC arrangement housing two CS43131 flagship-grade DAC chips and a powerful amp section consisting of dual RT6863 chips.

iBasso DC04 Pro features a premium Dual DAC Chipset housing two CS43131 high-performance 32-Bit DAC chips from Cirrus Logics. They offer best-in-class performance with ultra-low distortion, and high signal-to-noise ratio performance, and produce a clean output with high dynamic range.

iBasso DC04 Pro Dongle DAC

iBasso DC04 Pro decodes high-resolution audio signals with support for all leading high-resolution PCM and DSD audio signals. It supports up to 32-Bit/384kHz PCM signals and up to DSD256 signals natively.

iBasso DC04 Pro houses dual headphone output ports. The device provides the user with a single-ended 3.5mm output and a 4.4mm balanced headphone output option. Currently, all leading IEMs and headphones come with either of the two termination options (3.5mm or 4.4mm).

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iBasso DC04 adopts a high-power amplification circuit consisting of dual RT6863 amp chips. The device houses a 4-way fully balanced amplification circuit that produces a power output of up to 280mW@32Ω of load. The output current on the DC04 Pro is up to 100mA and the device works at a 10V voltage swing. iBasso features dual headphone output on the DC04 Pro including a 3.5mm single-ended and a 4.4mm balanced headphone output.

iBasso has designed the DC04 Pro with a premium finish. The device has an exclusive unibody build with an all-aluminum chassis and tempered glass panel for a solid structure.

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For high-grade audio products, the quality of the power supply plays an important role in the performance of the said device. The latest DC04 pro features ultra-low noise LDO supply circuit that ensures clean power is delivered to different components on the audio circuitry.

iBasso DC04 Pro utilizes an in-house developed FPGA algorithm. It is supported by a KDS crystal oscillator to form a low-jitter clock on the DC04 Pro. This helps in delivering clear and accurate high-resolution audio signal decoding performance.

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Price: $119


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