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Tanchjim Space is the first portable USB DAC/AMP from the brand that brings you an excellent high-resolution audio experience with its precisely designed audio architecture. At the core, Tanchjim has equipped a dual DAC arrangement housing two CS43131 high-performance 32-Bit DAC chips. Tanchjim Space has wide compatibility with dual headphone output ports supporting both 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced headphone connections.

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Don’t get fooled by the compact size of the Tanchjim Space, this little audio gear houses a dual DAC arrangement featuring two high-performance CS43131 DAC chips from Cirrus Logics which we see in many dongle DACs lately, like the iBasso Dc03 Pro that I reviewed recently. Dual CS43131 delivers top-quality high-resolution audio signal decoding performance showcasing ultra-low distortion, high dynamic range, clean noise-free background, and high SNR ratings.

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Space vs DC03 Pro

Dual CS43131 decoding chips in the Space work independently for the left and right channels and support a fully balanced four-channel decoding, which greatly reduces the interference between channels and makes the sound purer.

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Dual CS43131 DAC chips

Tanchjim Space supports 32-Bit/768kHz PCM signals and native DSD256 audio signals. The decoding performance is clean and dynamic.

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Tanchjim has designed the Space with high-quality aviation-grade alluvium alloy CNC machined housing. It has a transparent window that displays the professional engineering of Tanchim on the neat audio circuitry. There are also physical volume keys to easily adjust the volume.


Space has nonlinear volume control. Optimized for common in-ear headphones. There will be more volume range than that of common devices, providing a more accurate volume level.


Tanchjim Space is a portable USB DAC/AMP that is widely compatible with most sources out there. It has a detachable connector cable with included Type-C OTG cable in the package. It’s compatible with Type-C devices including Windows, macOS, and Android devices straight out of the box. With the help of a lightning OTG cable, the Space can be used with Apple iOS devices.

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Tanchjim Space holds a good amount of power. It provides up to 230mW of clean output at 32Ω of impedance load. It has two level gain modes, supporting both sensitive as well as high-power requiring IEMs and Headphones.

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Thanks to the high-performance circuit design and excellent materials, the single-ended 3.5mm output of SPACE boasts a dynamic range of 127dB, and the 4.4mm balanced output offers a large dynamic range of 132 dB.


  • Weight: 14.8g
  • Size: 4.1*2.1*1.2cm
  • Headphone port: 3.5mm SE / 4.4mm Bal
  • Input port: USB Type-C
  • Frequency response: 6hz-85Khz
  • Background noise: 1.3uV (BAL),l.IuV (UNBAL)
  • Dynamic-Range | BAL: 132dB
  • THD+N: 0.00017% (BAL),0.00019% (UNBAL)
  • UNBAL: 127dB (AES17 20Khz, Awt)
  • Output power: 4Vrms(BAL High), 2Vrms(BAL Low)
    2Vrms (UNBAL High), 1Vrms (UNBAL Low)
  • Price: $89

I would like to thank TANCHJIM for providing me with the review sample of the Space USB DAC.


The TANCHJIM Space has a neutral, transparent, uncolored sound signature with no emphasis on any range. It utilizes a neutral tonality and feels technically proficient. I paired it with my daily-driver IEM, DUNU Talos. Together with the Talos, the pairing sounds immensely clear without inclination toward the warm or analytical sound.

Unlike many other USB DACs Space does not show you the sampling rate with a led light, it only lights up blue when you first plug it in.

The TANCHJIM Space reflects the headphone/IEM as-is, without introducing any manipulations to the sound. There’s plenty of power and the background is dead silent. No hissing, no hum, nothing. The resolution and the clarity are both really good.

It sounds very crisp and detailed. The micro detail performance is very impressive as well as resolution and transparency. The presentation and delivery are rather intimate than relaxed. The dynamism is very good with good attack and speed overall. Especially lows are well-controlled with good decay and recovery.

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Pressing both volume keys same time triggers high and low gains

The bass is impactful and deep, but also snappy. It recuperates fast and the quantity is satisfactory. The mid-bass is quantitatively adequate and very controlled. The midrange is extremely clean with great detail retrieval that highlights every little nuance in a guitar passage or a vocal performance. Tonality feels right, without any coloration to the human voices. The guitar timbre is excellent and the Space does an excellent job of conveying the note weight and micro-vibrations of the guitar to your ear. Upper-midrange is controlled yet extended. Hi-hats do not feel splashy, they rather have a dedicated place as they should and the extension feels natural. The treble follows the successful upper midrange. It is extended, airy, and spacious without any control issues. The treble is resolving, clear, and open. I love it.

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Soundstage-wise, we get a proper 3-dimensionality with good depth and good width as well as discernible layers of instruments. There is an adequate amount of air between the instruments, making it easy to follow each on stage. The Space handles congestion very well too, thanks to its good technical capability. All things combined, the imaging is excellent. TANCHJIM Space portrays a spacious, airy headroom that is accurate and coherent. Furthermore, Space has great dynamism.


This one is special, depending on your gear and taste. If you are seeking a neutral, transparent, and uncolored sound signature, which is rare in this class, TANCHJIM Space is the right dongle DAC for you. It is one of the smallest and also cutest USB DACs out there and deserves every penny you spend on it in my opinion.

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