iKKO OH300 Lumina Review 2

iKKO OH300 Lumina Review

iKKO OH300 Lumina Review

iKKO’s new budget IEM the OH300 has photochromic glass on the faceplates that change color to protect the internal circuit components from harmful UV rays. They also feature anti-interference capabilities, a 10mm Liquid Crystal dynamic driver, an oxygen-free copper cable, and a built-in audio tuning board.

The photochromic color-changing glass protects internal circuit components from harmful UV rays while displaying a captivating blend of aesthetics and function. The uniquely crafted earphones not only deliver good durability but also add a touch of sophistication and individuality to the style for sure.

iKKO OH300 Lumina Review

When indoors, the visible internal components exhibit a striking blend of technological allure and artistry. This ingenious design transforms the IEMs into enchanting masterpieces that capture the eye.

iKKO OH300 Lumina Review

OH300’s built-in audio tuning board enhances anti-interference capabilities, providing noise-free music. With the 10mm liquid crystal dynamic driver, every note is faithfully recreated, allowing listeners to vividly experience the rhythm and emotions. Coupled with an oxygen-free copper Hi-Fi cable, OH300 delivers exceptional audio performance and sound quality.

What’s in the box?

  • A pair of IKKO OH300
  • Oxygen-Free Copper Cable
  • 6 pairs of silicone ear tips (S, M, L)
  • Instructions


  • Main Material: CNC+PC+ Photochromic Color-Changing Glass
  • Dynamic Driver: 10mm Compound Liquid Crystal Diaphragm
  • Interface: 0.78mm Dual Pin
  • Sensitivity: 107dB
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-20KHz
  • Earphone Cable: Oxygen-Free Copper HiFi Cable
  • Price: $49

I would like to thank iKKO Audio for the review sample of the OH300 Lumia.

iKKO OH300 Lumina Review
This is how the glass looks under the shadow.


ikko oh300 fr graph

iKKO OH300 presents a mild w-shaped sound signature, allowing a good amount of dynamics while keeping things balanced and gently tightened. The bass from the OH300 focuses more on the “presence” of the bass than the amount, meaning the bass is vividly displayed without pumping up the quantity.


The bass quantity from the mid-lows is similar to slightly v-shaped IEMs – or possibly a tiny bit lesser. It still manages to deliver weighty, large bass strikes with a spatial atmosphere. At this point, things may appear as if the bass from the OH300 is passive or weak, but that’s not the case. The sub-bass is still present, offering some satisfying bass feel that resonates with a light vibration. The bass is very prominent and dynamic but just without getting the upper mids stuffy or bloated. Plus, the emphasis is keeping the overall sound reasonably balanced but really bringing out that deep and detailed sound character. This is the type of gentle, quality bass that I much enjoy. Everything is clean and neat in the lows.

iKKO OH300 Lumina Review
Internal circuit components connected to the tuning board.


Mids take a very slight step forward from the lows which sounds natural and transparent. It has a warm tonality with a neutral thickness, presenting a very stable and consistent vocal performance on various genres as well as suiting well with both male and female vocals. Mids feel rich and thick while respecting the airy atmosphere. It’s quite interesting because the mids don’t particularly feel to be popped out, thick in size, yet they still don’t get overpowered by the other frequencies. iKKO OH300 has a very neutral (or original) thickness and reverbs on the mids with high density, prominence, and texture.

Some IEMs have very full-sounding vocals where the entire mid-range feels to be completely packed with vocal presence, though the drawback of that is the upper-mids won’t have any “empty spaces” for generating a natural, airy presentation. OH3000 paid close attention to respecting these empty spaces for not only the mids but also the lows and highs, resulting in an airy and set-free sound signature. The vocals provide an appropriate amount of crispiness but are not rigid or stiff – it tilts more on the softer side. Overall mids flow with good stability without any noticeable spikes, sibilance, or dips throughout the range.

iKKO OH300 Lumina Review
Nozzles are made of metal, also the filter mesh.


Highs take a small step back from the other frequencies and are also lesser in quantity, but don’t fall behind in delivering the needed details. It serves more as an enrichment for the overall sound with its super creamy texture. Highs here sound very comfy and organic which keeps itself thoroughly harmonic with the other frequencies without busting out from the crowd. It’s surely not meant for upper-frequency enthusiasts who enjoy vibrantly flourishing trebles, but OH300 will have no problem bringing satisfaction with its comfort-friendly, clear, and crisp treble presentation.

Along with that, as mentioned above, highs also keep those “empty spaces” for a natural, airy atmosphere which really helps the sound to feel open-field without actually pouring in lots of brightness and vibrancy. The highs overall take after the DD characteristics and the layering is quite detailed. The headroom is of a quite larger size with a spatial, deep, and wide presentation.

iKKO OH300 Lumina Review
This is how the glass looks under the sun.


The OH300 is impressive when it comes to width and depth. When listening to classical music especially, you get a sense of natural width and height, with frequencies evenly dispersed throughout the sound field. Nothing about the imaging appears grandiose, but feels perfectly representative of an accurate mix, with some added separation. This gives the stage a more articulate and transparent sense of clarity, and it made the image all that more immersive to me. You can almost feel the air between spaces, which makes the panning response all the more enjoyable throughout a variety of genres.

iKKO OH300 Lumina Review


iKKO OH300 Lumina has a certain beauty, the design, and aesthetic are truly unique. It also has a natural and delicate sound signature that isn’t afraid to let some details resonate with subtlety. And it only costs $49.