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IKKO Audio is a famous HiFi earphone brand based in China. They won the heart of audio lovers all around the globe with their outstanding OH1 and OH10 earphones. Today, we are going to review their latest single-dynamic driver earphones the new IKKO Opal OH2.

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Opal OH2 features an 8mm carbon deposited dynamic driver. IKKO is known for its well-crafted metallic ear shells. They designed extremely beautiful and sturdy cavities for all the previous models. With the OH2 they take it another step forward with a gorgeous Metal+transparent polycarbonate ear shell design. The pair has a small transparent portion on the cavities that complements the look of the pair. The pair adopts a newly-developed 24K gold-plated board to optimize the microcurrent that greatly reduces the distortion in the output signal.

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IKKO has featured its self-developed SVAS (Separating Vector Acoustic System) technology in the latest OH2. It was also featured in their recently launched OH1S that is getting positive feedback from the community. With a precisely designed acoustic cavity structure, the SVAS Technology elevates the sound and unit performance by accurately managing the diffusion and reflection of the sound signal inside the cavity structure.

IKKO OH1s vs OH2

IKKO Audio is well-known for its craftsmanship. All of their previously released IEMs have the looks. The OH2 is no different here, it features exquisite metal and polycarbonate mixed ear cavities. Both the earpieces have a transparent window-type design that shows us a glimpse of the professional craftsmanship of IKKO. The pair is available in five colour options including Violet, Green, Beige, White, and Black. The pair provides a comfortable fit thanks to its elliptical nozzle design and lightweight aesthetics.


  • 8mm dynamic driver with Carbon Deposited Structure.
  • Gold-plated FPC unit wire.
  • Elliptical sound nozzle for a comfortable fit.
  • Standard MMCX interface.
  • Ikko’s self-developed SVAS Technology.
  • Impedance: 32Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 105dB.

Price: 79$

I would like to thank Hifigo for providing me with the review sample of IKKO OPAL OH2 (no affiliate link).

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IKKO Opal OH2 has a balanced tuning. It comes off as natural sounding in the bass and mids with a comfortably sized soundstage. OH2 has a smooth, natural sound with a slight touch of warmth. OH2 delivers a satisfying bass response with natural vocals and an energetic treble region.

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The bass of the OH2 extends well into the sub-bass region. Though there is a loss of physicality at the lowest octaves, the bass of the OH2 handles itself competently. It leans towards the boomy side but not overbearingly so. There isn’t a sense that one part of the bass dominates the other and comes off as a rather seamless experience. It doesn’t sound too dry or one-noted. There’s a natural feeling of decay and dynamism. One improvement I would like to see is if the bass notes of the OH2 were firmer and slammed harder. As it is, there is pillowy softness at times. Though I wouldn’t call the OH2 a basshead IEM, there is plenty of bass volume and never sounds lacking.


The mids of the OH2 are pleasant to listen to. The upper mids are slightly recessed with a touch of lower mids elevation to give it an overall slightly warm sound. The midbass/lower mids transition isn’t the cleanest but it does sound organic. And so do the rest of the mids. The timbre of the OH2 sounds very “right” to me. The vocal tone is excellent. No hint of harshness or sibilance. Energetic instruments such as the electric guitar and snare could use a bit of snappiness and bite but otherwise, I have nothing to complain about the OH2.


The OH2 does not sound overly dampened like some other IEMs who play it safe. There’s just enough sharpness in the treble that keeps it from sounding totally dead. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s the presence of an upper treble peak that helps keep the OH2’s treble sounding alive. While I personally would still like to see lower/mid-treble, I can’t deny that the treble dip on the OH2 works out nicely. It passes my hats/cymbals test reasonably well while avoiding that pesky metallic tone other single DD IEMs tend to have.

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Stage – Separation

Staging on the OH2 does not feel cramped, but not too spacious either. I found the soundstage of the IEM to be similar to other IEMs in its price point. The OH2 does a great job in presenting instrument distinction. Even with the vocals, violin, percussion, bass, acoustic guitar playing at the same time, the imaging did not sound unidirectional and compressed. It is distinct, with above-average layering.


IKKO OPAL OH2 checks all the boxes that I am looking for in a budget IEM – affordable, comfortable, and fun sounding. True to IKKO’s line-ups, the OH2 give you a bang for your buck both in terms of aesthetics and a likeable balanced, natural-warm sound signature.