IKKO OH02 in Ear Monitor 5



IKKO’s new in-ear monitor continued the new flagship deposited carbon unit + IKKO patented SVAS (Separating Vector Acoustics System), OH2 achieves the precise volume output of sound in a limited space. The new metal cavity and ergonomic design bring a new experience in terms of sound quality and wearability.

IKKO OH02 in Ear Monitor 3

Exquisitely designed metal cavity structure maximizes the volume, reflection, and diffusion angles unit performance in a limited space. 32Ω deposited carbon dynamic units enhance the penetration and resolution of the treble, highly restoring the full range of sound.

IKKO OH02 in Ear Monitor 2

Metal and high-transparent polycarbonate material are utilized, which continues the streamlined style of IKKO new generation IEMs. High-level comfort is always emphasized by IKKO, the oval nozzle design works better for pressure reduction in the ears, which will set you free from soreness after a long-time wearing.

IKKO OH02 in Ear Monitor 4

OH2 newly adopts a 24K immersion gold board to optimize microcurrent, plus ultra-low resistance FPC and unique cavity connection design improve the transmission rate more effectively. The transparent site on the earphones increases the sense of high-tech.

IKKO OH2 iem

Material PVD zinc copper
Sensitivity 107dB
Frequency 32 Ω
Dynamic driver deposited carbon nano diaphragm
material metallic+High-transparent polycarbonate
Frequency 20Hz-20KHz

Price: 79$ (Pre-Order)