Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review – 1 BC+1 BA+1 SPD In-Ear Monitors

Celest takes design and tuning inspirations from the vast world of original mythological stories. They have taken inspiration from the world of mountains and seas, introducing the Plutus Beast (also known as Tianiu, Bixie, or Baijie). He holds a notable position among the five auspicious mythical creatures in ancient mythology. Plutus Beast is a distinguished character according to the myths, it is believed to be the “Heavenly Creature of Fortune”, and is often regarded as a symbol of wealth.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review

Celest Plutus Beast is the latest IEM from the brand that comes equipped with a unique configuration housing a customized bone-conduction driver, a balanced armature driver, and a patented second-gen square planar driver unit on each side. Celest Plutus Beast features a three-driver setup housing a customized 10mm bone-conduction driver unit, a balanced armature driver unit, and a second-generation square planar driver (SPD) unit with a patented acoustic structure design.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review

Celest Plutus Beast features stunning ear shells that are developed using premium hand-painting techniques. The team has reimagined the divine beast through clever design and exquisite hand-painting craftsmanship. It has black-colored ear shells which are 3D printed for an ergonomic shape, and also has a jewellery-like eye-catching design on the face covers.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review

Celest Plutus Beast comes with a high-purity stock cable. This cable is made up of 5N Silver-plated copper wire cores with a braided eight-core rounded design. Each cable strand has a diameter of 1.0mm and consists of 48 strands of conductor wires. Its design effectively reduces signal transmission loss and minimizes microphonic issues, providing an accurate sound reproduction with minimal external interferences. The pair adopts 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. Users can purchase it in either 3.5mm or 4.4mm termination.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review


  • Three-Driver Tribrid Configuration.
  • 1BC+1BA+1SPD (Patented Square Planar Driver) Acoustic Structure.
  • Custom-developed 10mm Bone Conduction Driver.
  • Second-Gen Self-Developed Square Planar Driver.
  • Balanced Three-Frequency Tuning.
  • Exclusive Design With Hand-Painted Face Covers.
  • 3D Printed Integrated Molded Ear Shells.
  • High-Puritt 5N Copper Silver-Plated Cable.
  • Rich Accessories.


  • Impedance: 8Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 108dB.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • Connector Type: 0.78mm 2-pin.
  • Termination Plug: 3.5mm or 4.4mm.
  • Price: $89

I would like to thank HiFiGo for providing me with the review sample of Kinera Celest Plutus Beast.

What’s in the box


Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review

The Plutus Beast seemed to have a good balanced sound. Regardless of the genre, the IEM performed well and provided consistent results during the testing. This Beast is perfect for those who want a non-offensive IEM that is suitable for listening all day long.

The main focus of the Plutus Beast is to provide a well-balanced sound that suits various music genres. The Celest Plutus Beast is specifically tuned to deliver a balanced response across three different frequencies. It offers exceptional clarity across the entire frequency range, along with a wide soundstage, clear vocals, and a pleasant and smooth tone.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review

The BC driver enhances the low-frequency response, giving it a more physical, more accurate response, the BA driver produces a crisp high-frequency response showing excellent extensions in the high-frequency region, and the SPD driver works as a full-range driver producing the entire frequency response range on the set.

The IEM delivers well-managed bass and impact. It creates a captivating experience. Individuals on a tight budget will be amazed to discover an IEM with such dynamic qualities at this affordable price.


Plutus Beast offers strong bass with a deep rumble. It’s impactful and well-defined, and the harder you push, the better the sound gets. It’s addictively deep, with strong kicks and clear definition throughout, especially with a quality source. The sub-bass stands out a bit more, but the overall bass is plentiful. The textured, powerful bass adds to the enjoyment of the IEM.

The Beast maintains speed and remains free from distortion. There isn’t any noticeable bleeding into the mids. Considering the price range of these IEMs, the bass is generally of high quality.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review


Plutus Beast offers a broad and fast midrange. The mids deliver a well-rounded sound. Female vocals sound particularly good with this brand’s expertise, and even experienced audiophiles may be impressed by the performance of the Plutus Beast.

The midrange offers a natural and realistic sound, accurately reproducing vocals and most instruments with good timbre. The Plutus Beast may not be thick or warm, but it consistently delivers correct sound with transparency and resolution. Despite its forward sound, the mid-range excels in resolution and detail retrieval.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review


The transition from the upper midrange to the lower treble is remarkably smooth. There are no indications of harshness or sharpness in this range. Using the foam tips can help reduce the treble even more, but I am completely happy with how the silicon tips perform. The treble extension is impressive and matches the top performers in this price range. The Plutus Beast reaches up to the upper treble and maintains a smooth and pleasant sound.

The Plutus Beast’s treble offers a decent amount of detail and a pleasant tone. It is crisp and light, with a nice extension and sparkle. The treble is clear and precise, without any muddiness or tiredness.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review


The soundstage is reasonably wide but has limited depth. The instrument separation and overall resolution are quite good but imaging is somewhat indistinct. Detail retrieval is also pretty solid.

The imaging of the Plutus Beast is precise and coherent, with good separation and layering. The staging performance is quite average, doing so with the width that is expected with a pair of IEMs.

The Plutus Beast can place instruments with pinpoint accuracy, sometimes making certain instruments sound like they’re coming up close behind my ear.

Kinera Celest Plutus Beast Review


With the Plutus Beast, the brand tops up its line-up quite nicely. Superb in their handsome and ergonomic shell, those are the perfect upgrade for anyone who owns the old model Pandamon. You’ll get solid lows, exquisite vocals, and an impressive dynamic range, even with small affordable sources like USB dongles.

This Beast is a proper alternative to your entry-level IEM, with true audiophile rendering and top-of-the-line built, at a low cost. Kinera Celest has succeeded in making these IEMs the perfect step up for anyone seeking a successor for their sub-$100 IEM.