Kinera Leyding Upgrade Cable 4

Kinera Leyding Upgrade Cable

The giant Fenrir is the lifelong enemy of Thor, and fought against him many tir es without winning or losing. One day, the giant Fenrir stepped into the kingdom of the gods, and wreaked. Seeing this, Thor warned Fenrir, asking him to immediately stop destroying and leave the ingaom of the gods. The giant Fennir was not a man who did not succumb without a fight, and immediately challenged Thor. The battle between them lasted for a long time. Finally Thor threw out the Thor’s Hammer with all his strength to break through the defense of Fenrir, hitting him on the head, and ended the battle. Thor used the crushed skull mixed with giant blood to make a chain, named Leyding.”

Kinera Leyding Upgrade Cable 2

Kinera Leyding is an 8 core cable with OFC and Copper alloy hybrid wires. It adopts a complex Litz structure. Each core diameter here is 1.0mm. Kinera has designed the cable with a combination of 24 strands of 0.05mm silver-plated copper alloy plus 14 strands of 0.06mm OFC wires arranged together in a Litz braided structure. 

Kinera Leyding Upgrade Cable 3

Leyding has a compact replaceable plug design, equipped with 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm copper with 24-carat gold plated plugs, to meet the requirements of the popular players in the market.

Kinera Leyding Upgrade Cable

The internal connection is a 4-pin 6N OCC and OCC with a silver-plated mix conductor so that the audio signal can be transmitted more stably and quickly. Optional Kinera customized 0.78mm 2pin and mmcx plugs is with long service life.


Material: OFC + Alloy copper with 5N silver plated
Braid way: 8 core 3-dimensional braided
Diameter: 1.0mm/core
Strands: 24 strands of 0.05mm oy copper with 5N silver plated + 14
strands OF 0.06mm OFC
Cable skin material: soft PVC
Interface: 0.78 2pin/mmcx
Plug: 4 pin detachable plugs, 2.5mm balanced/ 4.4mm balanced/ 3.5mm plug
Plug material: copper with 24 carat gold plated
Plug internal connection: 6N OCC+ OCC with silver plated mix conductor
External metal part: Aluminum alloy anode
Cable length: 122cm=2cm
Cable structure: litz + multiple structure + twisting strands

Price: 69$