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Fiio FD7 Pure Beryllium

FiiO has unveiled its latest flagship set of single dynamic driver IEMs, FiiO FD7 at 2021 Autumn launch event. Featuring a 12mm large dynamic driver unit with a pure beryllium diaphragm coil. The pair has got an exclusive new color treatment with a combination of black and gold. It has three interchangeable sound tubes, a semi-open back acoustic design, front acoustic prism. FiiO has designed a high-purity Monocrystalline pure silver cable to be paired with the FD7.

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Fiio FD7 has 3rd-gen industrial design with an exclusive color scheme. The pair has a rich black finish for the dome and complementing gold mesh for the base.

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Along with a large pure BE dynamic driver unit, FiiO has designed the cavities with a semi-open acoustic design that relieves pressure on ears of a comfortable listening experience. The pair is equipped with an acoustic prism system in the front cavity that handles timed delays between different sound waves, presenting the users with an unmatched experience.

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FiiO FD7 has a high-purity Monocrystalline pure silver cable in the box. It has FiiO’s latest interchangeable termination plug system with a twist-lock design. The cable has Medical-grade TPU shielding to protect it against yellowing after long-term use. FD7 package includes 2.5mm+3.5mm+4.4mm termination plugs. The cable has extended stainless steel connectors with an angled shape for a comfortable fit.

FiiO FD7 is officially available for 629$.

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