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Luxury & Precision W2-131

Luxury & Precision W2-131

Luxury & Precision has announced the new W2-131 portable USB DAC-AMP. They have mainly switched the DAC chipset from dual CS43198 chips of the previous model W2 to newer dual CS43131 DAC chips. The new W2-131 has higher driving power, lower power consumption, and brand-new Prussian Blue chassis. So, with this new W2-131, we get the performance of the W2 with improvements in terms of output power and power consumption.

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The L&P W2-131 with its multi-chip architecture provides clean output with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings achieving best in class 131 dB SNR ratings and 131.5dB THD+N ratings.

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With the help of selective low-power chips, the L&P W2-131 has lower requirements. It has 10% lower power requirements than its former model. The W2-131 has got better driving force with increased output power ratings. The OG W2 had an output power rating of up to 230mW @ 32Ω of load, but the new W2-131 provides up to 260mW of output at the same loads.

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Similar to the former model, the new W2-131 houses two headphone output ports. One is a 4.4mm balanced output port and the other is a 3.5mm single-ended headphone output port. W2-131 supports easy connectivity for all the latest headphones and IEMs.

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The L&P W2-131 is the second USB DAC/AMP in the market with SPDIF Output support, the first being the original W2. L&P’s professional SPDIF output enables a new playback solution with improved clarity and signal transmission.

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Luxury & Precision has pre-loaded the W2-131 with multiple different EQ presets designed for different IEMs. It has loaded presets for Shure SE846, Sony Z1r, and many more IEMs. With an easy firmware upgrade, L&P will add more presets in the future.

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  • High-performance Dual DAC chipset (2xCS43131).
  • Improved output power.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • High-Gate-Count FPGA Chipset.
  • Clean and Powerful audio performance.
  • Special tuning profiles: Tune 01 (Gentle), Tune 02 (Refined).
  • Multi-Chip Architecture.
  • Both Balanced and Single-Ended connection support (3.5mm+4.4mm).
  • Low-power MCU chip.
  • Ultra-low noise-floor.
  • Incredibly Low Distortion.
  • SPDIF output.
  • OLED Display.
  • Easy Firmware Upgrade.


  • THD+N: 128.5dB (3.5mm, A-weighted), 131.5dB (4.4mm, A-weighted).
  • Dynamic Range: 128.5dB (3.5mm), 131.5dB (4.4mm).
  • Output Power: up to 260mW@32Ω (4.4mm), up to 125mW@32Ω (3.5mm).
  • PCM support: Up to 32-bit/384kHz.
  • DSD: Native DSD256.
  • Dimensions: 60x22x12.5mm.
  • Weight: 22grams.

Luxury Precision W2 131

Luxury & Precision W2-131 has got an increment in the price too (OG W2 was priced at 299.99$), the new one is now available for 329.99$.