Shanling UA5

With UA5, Shanling will be adding some brand-new elements into the UA line of small portable DAC/AMPs.
Switching to a combination of 3.5mm SE and 4.4mm Balanced. With its growing popularity and more robust construction, Shanling is implementing the 4.4mm output into the UA model.
Adding a volume wheel for direct volume control. No longer need to rely on the volume control of your smartphone or computer, UA5 provides more precise volume settings and many will appreciate the “analog experience”.
Monochromatic OLED Display. Allowing for settings adjustments directly on the DAC/AMP, without any need for additional apps. And keeping you clearly informed about the current sampling rate, volume level, gain setting, and battery level.

Hybrid powered USB DAC/AMP

UA5 will be Shanling’s first portable DAC/AMP with a built-in lithium battery, that allows it to run in special “Hybrid power” mode.
When enabled, certain sections of UA5 will still be running on USB power, like USB Controller and FPGA. But the crucial parts of DAC and amplifier will instead use a cleaner power from the battery.
In the testing, this set-up proved helpful in three scenarios:
Consistent analog performance and noise floor, independent from the quality of USB power of the connected device.
Reduced power drain from the connected device, which can be crucial when running it with a smartphone.
Reduced power demand allows for compatibility with certain devices, that are normally unable to provide enough power for USB DAC/Amps.
UA5 is of course capable of running in a standard USB Powered mode, in which the battery is completely disconnected and all sections of UA5 runs out of USB power. UA5 will also automatically switch to this mode when the battery runs too low.
Build with two ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M DACs and a dedicated Ricore RE6863 amplifier, UA5 will be Shanling’s best-sounding Portable DAC/AMP.

Will be updated with more specs, launch date and price.

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