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Moji Monica H20 1DD+2BA IEM

Moji Monica, founded in 2020, is a new company in the audio business. Moji Monica H20 is a 1DD+2BA hybrid triple driver in-ear Earphone.

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Moji Monica H2O is equipped with a special liquid silica gel diaphragm which has two times larger amplitude than a normal horn. Silica gel is not too sensitive to the changes in temperature and humidity so with a broad sound stage and stable Kms, low distortion, this model presents excellent performance as in the studio.

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Apart from the signature dynamic driver, H2O also comes with two custom balanced armatures for high frequency to complement dynamic driver. It features balanced three frequency with full dynamic changes and details.

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Moji Monica H2O has a silver-plated copper cable with a universal 0.78mm 2Pin connector. High Polymer TPU sleeve is soft and bright while also reduce microphonics.

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Elastic and soft silicone ear tips, foam ear tips, in different size and a high-quality case, the package of H2O is very rich.

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Impedance: 36 Ω
Sensitivity: 120dB SPL / MW
Total harmonic distortion: < 0.3%
Influence range: 12 ~ 26kHz
Noise reduction capacity: 26dB