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NF Audio NA2+ Review, Gorgeous Looks, Striking Sound

NF Audio is a Chinese earphone brand that I’ve personally known about for a few years now. I discovered them while scrolling on the Penon Audio website. Back then the only models offered by NF Audio were too expensive for me to buy, but since then they’ve released several more affordable options.

Recently,  just before the announcement of the NA2+, I got tired of wondering if this brand was any good, so I ordered the little brother in the music series, the NA1. I loved plenty of things about that earphone, but not the tuning, which was mid-focused, unfortunately. But it was very apparent, thanks to the stellar presentation & build quality,  that NF Audio truly is the ‘In-Ear Artists’ they claim to be.

When the NA2+ was announced and I began seeing photos of it, I was immediately drawn to its design language. The price seemed fair & I wanted to see if this NF Audio was more suited to my tastes, than the previous NA1 was.

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The NA2+ are dynamic driver earphones that feature natural timbre & tonality and a stage monitor sound profile. They should be highly responsive with a wide frequency range and should pair well with many types of music. My expectations for this earphone are simple: To like it more than I liked the NA1. I am hoping for more bass and less mids.

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Tech Focus

The NA2+ features a few fancy technologies inside. Let’s discuss them.

First, It has dual magnetic circuits. meaning that there are 2 magnets in each circuit producing magnetic flux, instead of just one. This is supposed to aid in driving force, sensitivity, and also provide better dynamics and transients.

NF Audio NA2 Review 10

The next tech feature is the dual cavity design. This is a method of adding another cavity on the rear of the driver in an effort to better control the air pressure. Resulting in advanced staging and details and an overall smoother sound. Another neat little tech feature is the 5u high polymer diaphragm. Which is a lightweight, medium-rigidity diaphragm with good elasticity that helps reduce distortion and aids in musicality throughout.

 I must admit, this all sounds great! But I can’t help but feel like I’ve seen this same ‘dual magnetic’ slogan used so many times before by companies like KZ and TFZ. Hopefully, there’s actually something to it!

NF Audio NA2 Review 5

Personal Preference

I prefer V-shaped Sound profiles. I like bass quantity and I prefer sub-bass over mid-bass. I prefer my mids to be recessed just a bit if not near neutral, never upfront or boosted. For treble, I like it well extended, kinda dry with airy detail. No hotness /piercing or roll-off too early.

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NF Audio has some of the best packaging work. Their dedication to presentation and first impressions is clearly on display.

This is my second time opening an NF Audio product. Each time has been a pleasure. I will admit to being a sucker for a good box and presentation. I applaud the effort here.

NF Audio NA2 Review 12

First Impressions

As you can see the NA2+ is a well-crafted IEM. It has understated design language with simple stylings. They’re smooth to the touch and weigh practically nothing at all. The matte black color & satin finish is a very nice touch!

Comfort is really good with these. They pop right in with a quick and solid fit & they seal easily. I am going to assume it’s due to the very very slight fins these have, which seems to make fitting a little easier overall and comfort a little better too.

NF Audio NA2 Review

One thing I thought could be improved upon was the pre-formed ear hooks on the cable. They’re coiled up too tight for me to use them comfortably. Very rigid… unruly even. I don’t care for ear hooks on any cable anyway, so I quickly switched to my 4.4mm 2pin that has no ear hooks.

Initial sound impressions are good. Better than most I’ve heard lately… these have a pleasantly cool tonality. The bass sounds very tight and agile. It’s understated. I wouldn’t call NA2+ warm… The mids are clear and detailed…. Mid-tonality is very natural sounding. The treble is present with lots of crispness and a good amount of room both for staging and imaging.

NF Audio NA2 Review 14

Gear Used

For this review, I used my Fiio M11 digital audio player. I stream Tidal Premium music service using UAPP. I listen via the 4.4mm output with the ‘all to DSD’ function turned on. Sony hybrid tips were used for this review.

Sound Impressions

The NA2+ sounds refreshing. It’s crisp & detailed up top and tight, well defined & natural down low.

  • Bass

Bass quality is extremely satisfying to me. Easily some of the best from recent memory. It’s agile and dynamic. Tight, well defined, and well-tuned. Really impressed here. Unfortunately, the amount of bass is slightly less than I prefer. Especially considering these are from the ‘Music series’, I think folks may be expecting just a bit more bass quantity than what’s on offer here.

  • Mids

The mid frequencies are very natural sounding. There are lots of details for sure! Electric guitars are very crunchy and full of bite. Singers are defined incredibly well with a cool tone and light note weight.  Due to the reserved nature of the low frequencies, I feel like it makes the mids seem more forward than they actually are. Fortunately for me, someone who does not like too many mids in my sound, these mids are tuned really well. To me, they just sound really neutral and natural with lots of detail. Well done here, NF Audio!

  • Treble

High frequencies are, once again, highly detailed. They’re vivid sounding with cool, clear, clean, fast characteristics. Even when considering those descriptors, I still can not say they are even a bit sibilant or hot. They’re actually smoothed just right in my opinion. All the detail and energy, but still maintain smoothness. Symbols splash and ring fully without any sizzle. Overall, I think these have a truly well-tuned upper end.

  • Staging & Imaging

The sense of air, the level of spatial cues, and the overall headroom are above average with NA2+. I would say it has equally spacious width, height, and depth. Music really does seem to envelop you a bit with these.

NF Audio NA2 Review 1

Likes + Dislikes

At $170, the NA2+ is both understated & striking in its design. With an all-metal build, a very comfortable & easy fit, and a truly engaging listen, they really are quite special. They come packaged in a lovely box that is well thought out and a pleasure to open and experience.

I would love to see NF Audio offer a 4.4mm buying option for this earphone and future ones. Also, the ear hooks are too tightly coiled for me. A soft enough cable won’t need them.  The included case is great, but the case that comes with the NA 1 is much better. Why though? Lastly, the quantity of bass is just a little disheartening, and I do mean a little, as these are still very much enjoyable just the way they are.

NF Audio NA2 Review 2


Oh boy, the NF Audio NA2+. Such a nice little earphone, I tell ya.

In an effort to wrap everything up, I will summarize my whole experience in a few statements here;

The way these look and the build quality are both top-notch and the unboxing was also just another well thought out, well-implemented feature that I very much appreciated!  Considering the level of bold design baked into every piece of the NA2+, NF Audio deserves the title of ‘In-Ear Artists’.

 I wish the NA2+ was bassier. It’s just a bit too polite down low for me, personally. I also wish it came with a 4.4mm termination. Having the option to choose that when buying would be wonderful. The ear hooks on the cable with the NA2+ are not for me as they’re hard and tightly coiled. The case is a bit odd too as it isn’t as luxurious as the previous NA1’s included case.

That being said, I find the NA2+ to have wonderfully full-sounding and rich, dynamic lows. Which allowed me to forget about the softer bass quantity. The rest of the sound is masterfully tuned. I especially enjoyed the mids. They just sound so natural and detailed. It’s not often that I am taken by the mid frequencies of an earphone. Not often at all… but the NA2+ gets the nod by me! And the top end has energy and detail and headroom, but they remain smooth and never get strident.

I am really happy with my NA2+. I think a lot of people will enjoy its tuning. It has one of the better signatures that I’ve heard in a while. I can’t wait for more from Nf Audio! 


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