MOONDROP Aria Snow Edition 2

MOONDROP Aria Snow Edition

Moondrop Aria Snow Review

Utilizing a new 10mm dual-cavity Diamond-Like Diaphragm (DLC) dynamic driver, the new Aria Snow Edition inherits much of the component configuration and acoustic structure of the original Aria. It also adopts an ultra-fine imported Daikoku CCAW voice coil to form a lightweight suspension system and a brass inner cavity.

MOONDROP Aria Snow Edition 3

The new Aria Snow Edition replaces the original LCP diaphragm of the Aria with the same first-generation diamond-like carbon (DLC) composite diaphragm used in the Kanas Pro Edition while retaining the Aria’s tried-and-tested driver and cavity structure. This combination of old and new preserves the Aria’s delicate treatment of high frequencies, while taking advantage of the Kanas Pro’s triple-frequency balance style.

MOONDROP Aria Snow Edition 4

In common with all MOONDROP dynamic driver products, the Aria Snow uses a composite cavity, multiple tuning holes, and multiple acoustic dampers with different parameters for accurate frequency response adjustment.

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The Aria Snow makes use of a brand-new surface coating that emphasizes its metal texture with a complex and esthetically pleasing snowflake pattern that perfectly matches the visual theme of the earphones.

MOONDROP Aria Snow Edition 6

Different from the previous Aria, The Aria Snow Edition comes with a replaceable 6N oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable with a high-permeability insulating protective layer.

MOONDROP Aria Snow Edition


  • Driver Unit: 10mm Diamond-Like Diaphragm (DLC) dynamic driver
  • Headphone Socket : 0.78pin
  • Sensitivity: 119 dB/Vrms (@1 kHz)
  • Frequency response: 15-50 kHz
  • Effective frequency response: 20 Hz-2000 Hz
  • Price: 79.99$