Fiio BTR7 THX Portable Bluetooth DAC AMP e1655387942998

Fiio BTR7 THX Bluetooth DAC-AMP

Fiio’s new portable Bluetooth DAC-AMP the BTR7 is designed with a complete audio architecture of DAC + low-pass filter + amplifier that can even rival HiFi players to capture every last detail and dynamic. The two ESS ES9219C DACs help to effectively lower channel crosstalk and improve separation. The THX AAA amplifiers form a fully balanced audio design. Compared with the direct output of DAC, the output power of the single end is improved nearly twice and balanced by more than 30%.

The BTR7 is the first Bluetooth DAC/AMP that supports wireless charging, is compatible with the Qi protocol and is easy for daily charging. Included is a large 880mA battery, allowing 9 hours of continuous music playback. There are other specs like 3.5mm+4.4mm outputs, one-click dongle mode, app control and OTA upgrade support.

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Equipped with Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth chip with great stability, which provides support for high-res formats like LDAC/aptX HD/apt-X Adaptive. To make the Bluetooth transmission more stable, the BTR7 uses FiiO’s own patented seamless metal frame antenna design. The XMOS XUF208 handles USB decoding with up to 384K/32Bitsupport.

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The brand-new BTR7 features the seventh-generation mecha design language, giving it riveting looks. Its comfort-and-ergonomics optimized laminated aluminium alloy body is paired with a 1.3-inch IPS colour display that is the showpiece of the BTR7.
Fiio BTR7 THX Portable Bluetooth DAC AMP 6 e1655380608374USB1.0 driverless: The BTR7 supports USB1.0 driverless mode, which is compatible with more devices.Fiio BTR7 THX Portable Bluetooth DAC AMP 2 e1655380655683In-vehicle mode: It will automatically turn on and off with your car once the in-vehicle mode is enabled.Fiio BTR7 THX Portable Bluetooth DAC AMPIn-line controls: Through the in-line controls, you can pause or re-play your music conveniently.Fiio BTR7 THX Portable Bluetooth DAC AMP 4 e1655380764943Custom function buttons: Within the companion app, you can customize what the buttons do to exactly meet your needs.


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The BTR7 goes to 199$ for Type-C and 209$ for the Lightning versions.