Moondrop Nekocake ANC TWS 7

Moondrop Nekocake ANC TWS

Moondrop has officially announced its new product on the HiFi TWS line-up, the Nekocake. It is a kind of TWS with sound quality as its core, active noise cancellation and a series of special functions. Nekocake has been specially designed for tone quality compared with other TWS, greatly improving driver performance, repeatedly optimizing DSP tuning, and presetting several tuning options.

Moondrop Nekocake ANC TWS

Nekocake features an optimized 13mm dynamic driver. Like most of the Moondrop IEMs, Nekocake also presents a frequency response in line with Moondrop VDSF target response and optimized for listening, which could bring as much as possible restored timbre and an open natural listening experience. Relying on the specialized 13mm dynamic driver and digital audio optimization, Nekocake also achieves excellent nonlinear distortion, and its full-frequency total harmonic distortion is lower than 0.5%, among which 1khz is even lower than 0.1%.

Moondrop Nekocake ANC TWS 5

Nekocake has built-in five kinds of DSP tuning options, which could be switched with the Moondrop Link app. Different from the common EQ switching, these five kinds of tuning are professionally compensated and adjusted by their R&D senior team, Balanced tuning provides a more durable and balanced timbre, which is suitable for most types of music. Moondrop Classic sounds airier treble and softer, cleaner mid-bass,  Xelento should be a great choice for re-rhythm pop music. No bass tunning makes the sound more transparent and clear and increases the tolerance for slag recording.

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Also, featuring ANC digital active noise cancellation, Nekocake could realize the noise-cancelling effect on the environmental noise. It has two preset noise cancelling off and on, and users can simply turn on or off ANC by long press, so as to adapt to different application scenarios. For example, the noise disturbance can be reduced by turning on the ANC function when in a subway or airplane, while, the noise cancellation can be turned off in a quiet environment to ensure that the sound quality is not affected.

Moondrop Nekocake ANC TWS 2



Price:  42.99$