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qdc Tiger

QDC has released a brand new hybrid driver IEM, the QDC Tiger. Actually celebrating the Year of the Tiger, QDC has released the Tiger as an update to the classic 8SS multi-driver IEM. Tiger is QDC’s latest flagship-grade IEM equipped with an 8-driver hybrid configuration on each side bringing us a combination of six high-performance customized balanced armature drivers and two Electrostatic drivers on each side.

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QDC has gained a great reputation in the market for designing high-end premium IEMs. They have designed the latest flagship Tiger with an eight-driver hybrid configuration per side. The pair houses six high-quality custom-developed Balanced armature drivers paired with two custom-developed Electrostatic drivers.

qdc Tiger 6BA2EST


QDC Tiger adopts a 4-way frequency crossover and 4-way sound channels same as the flagship Anole V14. This four-way frequency crossover enables the pair to achieve an extended high-frequency response (Up to 70kHz). QDC Tiger features a 3D-styled Tiger pattern on the face plate area. The entire cavities here are made up of high-quality Titanium alloy material.


  • Eight driver hybrid configuration.
  • Six high-performance Balanced Armature drivers.
  • Two Electrostatic drivers.
  • Professional Four-Way Frequency Crossover.
  • Three-dimensional Tiger design on the face panels.
  • High-quality Titanium alloy ear cavities.
  • Three in one plug high-purity cable.

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  • Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-70kHz.
  • Impedance: 15Ω.
  • Noise reduction: 26dB.
  • Sensitivity: 105dB/mW.
  • Price: 1499$